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Audition Application

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    • Auditions

      We are pleased that you are applying for admission to the Capital University Conservatory of Music. 

      The purpose of the audition is to determine the musical qualifications of each student. The guidelines under emphasis requirements on the Conservatory Admission webpage can assist you as you select the pieces you plan to perform. In addition to performing your prepared audition pieces, you will also be required to complete musicianship and audiation (theory), and piano assessments.  

      Your audition performance, academic record and admission application information will be used to determine your scholarship eligibility. For questions, contact Summer Slusher, Coordinator of Conservatory Recruitment, by phone at 614-236-6190 or by email at

    • Group Audition Days

      We look forward to hosting you for your on campus audition. After you submit the required documents, a confirmation email will be sent with more information on your audition date.

      During your audition day, you can expect assessments in the following four areas. These assessments are designed to determine your ability to be successful in the Capital University Conservatory of Music and beyond.

      1) Performance - Your performance in the audition will be conducted by the faculty of your applied area of study (voice or instrument). This will assess your current level of training, as well as your potential for growth in your program of choice. There will be a short interview with the faculty to ensure that they get to know you on a personal level as well as a performance level.

      Students planning to major in composition will be scheduled for an audition with the composition faculty to review your background and discuss your portfolio in addition to your instrumental/vocal audition.

      2) Music Theory - Your music theory session will assess your music theory competency as you complete an audio test that will measure your comprehension of pitch and meter.

      3) Listening Skills - Your listening skills portion will gauge your auditory skills in matching pitch as well as sight singing. In this assessment, you will sit one on one with a music theory faculty member.

      4) Piano Placement - Your piano placement portion will assess your level of competency in piano skills from little to no experience to expert. 

      We will be mailing a parking pass, campus map and more details on locations approximately 2 weeks prior to your audition. Plan to arrive for registration between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. The exact times for your audition, theory, listening skills, and piano placement assessments will be given to you a few days prior to your audition date.