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    COVID Information

  • During spring semester 2023, the University’s COVID Response Team continues to be available to provide support and resources to our community. 

    COVID Response Team Nurses: The CRT team is available to answer questions, advise individuals who test positive, experience symptoms, or are exposed to COVID, and provide support and education to our community. 

    • Nurses can be reached by emailing  
    • Team nurses monitor the COVID email account from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and will respond to emails within one business day. 
    • Remember, your primary healthcare provider is your primary advisor regarding your medical condition. The COVID Response Team can assist with questions about COVID, the University’s expectations for isolation, and resolving COVID-related concerns.

    COVID testing: The University no longer has in-person testing, but Capital provides free COVID home test kits. They are available in various academic buildings, or you can email to request one. If you need a PCR test, several locations near the Bexley campus and throughout Central Ohio offer them. Email CRT or find a test here:

    What to do if you have COVID-like symptoms:

    • Stay home (and wear a mask in shared spaces). 
    • Students: Don’t go to class. Let your instructors know you aren’t feeling well. 
    • Contact for an assessment and to obtain an at-home COVID test, or you can use a home test kit (available at various locations around campus or over the counter at many pharmacies). 
    • If you have a negative test but have symptoms, act as if you’re positive (mask and isolate yourself from others). You should test again in 48-72 hours if your symptoms haven’t gone away. 
      • If you have a fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, and/or symptoms of an infectious illness, assume you’re contagious and stay home. If you need to be out in the community, wear a mask. 
      • Do not return to classes/work on campus until you have been fever-free for at least 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication) and most – or all – of your symptoms have resolved.  

    What to do if you test positive for COVID: 

    • Email the CRT with notification of your positive test and include your phone number.  
    • Do not go to University work or classes in person.  
    • One of the nurses from the team will contact you to discuss your situation and answer any questions you have. While you wait for a response, isolate at home.  
    • If you have a positive COVID test and live in shared housing, return to your permanent residence. If this is not possible, wear a mask while around others.  

    Masking: Capital is a mask-optional/mask-friendly university. Currently, masks are not required inside University buildings, but anyone who chooses to wear a mask may do so. Exceptions to this include: 

    • Masks are required in the Center for Health and Wellness. 
    • Masking protocols for isolation and COVID exposures, which follow CDC guidelines, remain in place and must be followed by all students and employees. 
    • Masks may be required for certain activities, such as in labs when using shared equipment, or practicum/clinical experiences when required by the external agency. 

    COVID Vaccination: All faculty, staff, and students must be vaccinated for COVID or have an approved medical or religious exemption from the vaccination requirement. The University also encourages staying current with COVID vaccination boosters and following public health recommendations as the pandemic continues to evolve. 

    COVID Guidance: The COVID Response Team continues to monitor public health data and consult with public health professionals. The University’s COVID response is subject to change based on the state of the pandemic and guidance from federal, state, and local authorities.   

    Contact the COVID Response Team at if you have questions. 

    Additional Information 

    Franklin County Public Health (the agency with jurisdiction for the Bexley campus):

    Columbus Public Health (the agency with jurisdiction for the Law School campus):

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: