Catalog of science and mathematics modules | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


Catalog of Modules

  • Below are titles from our catalog of science and mathematics modules. If interested in obtaining this research, all inquiries should be directed to, Professor Terry Lahm, Ph.D. 


    • Sequence Analysis
    • Sequence Alignment
    • Gene Identification
    • Protein Identification
    • Tumor Dynamics
    • Protein Sequence Comparisons
    • Logarithms, Magnitude, and Regression for Biological Scaling: A Computational Science Module
    • Modeling Populations and Habitats for Kirtland's Warbler
    • Classification of Hybrids Using Genetic Markers and Maximum-Likelihood Estimates
    • Multiple Sequence Alignment
    • Modeling the Cardiovascular System using STELLA®
    • Modeling Neurophysiology Using STELLA® 
    • Phylogeny Project
    • Biological Curve Fitting
    • Using AgentSheets to Visualize Molecular Behavior, Action Potentials and the Neuromuscular Junction
    • Sequence Alignment using Align
    • Modeling Malaria
    • Modeling Mushroom Fairy Rings
    • Spread of SARS
    • Diffusion in Biology: A Mathematical Modeling Approach 
    • Pharmacokinetics: Mathematical Analysis of Drug Distribution in Living Organisms


    • Chemical Kinetics
    • Quantum Chemistry in the Environment
    • Introduction to Computational Chemistry
    • Molecular Mechanics
    • Molecular Structure and Interaction
    • Kinetics of Reaction Systems
    • Electronic Structure Methods


    • Heat Flow on the Jovian Satellite Europa
    • Computational Analysis of Orbital Motion in General Relativity and Newtonian Physics
    • The 1-D Hydrogen Atom
    • Diffusion Limited Aggregation
    • Ablation, Aerobraking and Airbursting of a Hypersonic Projectile in Earth's Atmosphere
    • Electric Potential Due to Continuous Charge Distribution
    • Enzyme Kinetics
    • Cost of a Financial Portfolio
    • Spread of Infectious Disease
    • Satellite Surveillance


    • Steady State Heat Flow Problem
    • Numerical Computation with Mathematica: Basic Analysis and Visualization
    • Optimization and Mathematical Programming: Modeling and Problem-Solving
    • Image Processing and Edge Detection
    • Parallel Programming with MPI
    • Parallel Algorithms in Bioinformatics -- A First Introduction
    • Computable Performance Metrics: Module 0
    • Computable Performance Metrics: Module 1
    • Computable Performance Metrics: Module 2
    • Selected Application Areas of Matrix Computations in Computer Science and Engineering
    • Mandelbrot Set: A Parallel Approach
    • N-Body Problem: A Parallel Programming Approach
    • The Edit Distance Problem: A Parallel Approach for Distributed Memory Machines
    • Traveling Salesperson Problem: A Parallel Approach


    • Phosphorus Cycling
    • Global Climate Modeling
    • Groundwater Flow Modeling
    • Modeling the Performance of a Solar Heated Sunroom: Heat Gain, Storage and Loss
    • The Nitrogen Cycle
    • A Tale of Two Lakes: Environmental Mass Balance Modeling
    • How Far Will It Go? Predicting the Extent of Groundwater Plumes
    • Well Hydraulics and Capture Zone
    • Static Games with Complete Information


    • Anatomy of a Large Company Acquiring a Small Privately-Owned Company
    • Cash Flow Analysis and Capital Asset Pricing Model
    • Option Pricing
    • Linear and Non-Linear Optimization
    • Optimal Portfolio and the Efficient Frontier
    • Likelihood of Loss and the Value at Risk
    • Building on Computational Skills in Business


    • Spherical Magma Reservoir Failure: Exploring Some Geological Implications of Stress Concentration Around a Pressurized Cavity
    • Thermal Conduction: A Tool for Exploring Geological Processes
    • Numerical Analysis for Heat Transfer-Another Tool for Exploring Geological Processes
    • Exploring the Formation of Geologic Structure, Module 2: Elastic Deformation in Response to Slip on Transform Faults
    • Exploring the Formation of Geologic Structure, Module 1: Elasticity and the Mechanisms of Dike Emplacement
    • Exploring and Visualizing Strain
    • Stresses and Faulting
    • Landslides and Slope Stability Analysis Module
    • Using Digital Elevation Models to Delineate and Analyze Drainage Patterns


    • An Introduction to Coding Theory via Hamming Codes
    • Public Key Cryptography and the RSA Cryptosystem
    • Systems of Linear Equations
    • Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations
    • The FFT and Functions
    • Did he do it? Evaluating Evidence Using Bayesian Networks
    • Fourier Transforms, Fourier Series and the FFT
    • Modeling Seashell Form
    • Evolutionary Game Theory: The Hawk-Dove Game
    • Solving the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation
    • Relaxation Methods for Partial Differential Equations
    • Street Lighting
    • Models for Birth and Death Processes of Organisms
    • Pharmacokinetics: Mathematical Analysis of Drug Distribution in Living Organisms
    • Mathematical Models for a Chemical Reactor
    • First Order Difference Equations
    • First Order Differential Equations
    • Higher Order Differential Equations
    • Higher Order Linear Difference Equations
    • Laplace Transformations
    • Systems of Differential Equations
    • Systems of Difference Equations
    • Discrete vs. Continuous Population Models


    • Image Reconstruction in Emission Tomography I: Non-iterative Methods
    • Image Reconstruction in Emission Tomography I: Iterative Methods


    • The Quantum Mechanics of Two and Three Dimensional Nano Structures
    • Modes of Vibration
    • Spontaneous Magnetization
    • Structure of White Dwarf and Neutron Stars
    • Projectile Motion
    • Analysis of Damaged Panels in Supersonic Flow
    • Vehicle Dynamic Response to Roadway Bumps


    • Rescorla Wagner Model of Associative Learning
    • Interactive Schedule
    • Modeling Self-Esteem
    • Optimal Foraging Theory
    • Performance Anxiety and an Introduction to Catastrophe Theory
    • Modeling Decision Making
    • Modeling Academic Achievement in the Context of AD/HD
    • Sex, Sex Role, and Relationships
    • Artificial Neural Networks (in 11 parts)
    • Discounting of Delayed Reinforcers under Asymmetrical Choice Conditions


    • Scientific Visualization (in 4 parts)
    • Marching Cubes
    • Volume
    • Vector
    • Visualization Pipeline
    • Isosurface 
    • Notes