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Cultural Diversity

  • 720x380-Cultural

    Foster an appreciation for the culture, history, and traditions of all people.

    Asian American Alliance
    The Asian American Alliance (Triple "A") offers support to and advocates for students of Asian and Asian American descent. The organization also promotes and educates the campus and wider communities about Asian culture, groups and pertinent issues. While students of Asian and Asian American descent are highly encouraged to join, membership is open to all Capital students who have a vested interest in learning more about Asian culture and its contributions to American and world histories.

    Ebony Brotherhood Association
    The Ebony Brotherhood's purpose is to enhance the image of African American males on campus by means of social, academic, cultural, and community oriented programming.

    Global Student Association
    The International Student Association's primary purpose is to provide international students with support, assistance, socialization and educational opportunities. The association is to also provide opportunities for U.S. students and international students to interact, and learn about different cultures and nations.

    Jewish Student Association
    The Capital Jewish Student Association is dedicated to creating a safe environment for students to express their Jewish identities, and to serving as a resource for those in the wider campus community who wish to learn more about Jewish history, theology, and culture. In addition, the CJSA is committed to inclusiveness, tikkun olam, and supporting the State of Israel.

    Kore83 is a dance crew that aims to promote east Asian pop culture through covering K-pop choreography. This group focuses primarily on choreography made famous by K-pop idols and professional choreographers in South Korea. Our aim is to provide a fun, stress-free environment for all students on campus to experience a taste of east Asian pop culture.

    Somali - Muslim Student Association
    The mission of the Muslim Student Association is to positively impact the perception of Muslims on campus by promoting the understanding through the educational programming.

    As members of Capital University's LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Allies) organization, Pride, our mission is to provide a safe environment of support, an attitude of acceptance, and to promote advocacy of all students regardless of perceived sexual orientation or gender identity/ expression.

    Sister Network
    Sister Network is an organization that prides itself in being committed to the success of all women. We provide a place where women can talk about their personal and academic lives and can also create a sisterly bond. We value unity, academic success, distinction, professional development, and community service.

    Student for the Advancement of Afrikan-American Culture
    The Students for the Advancement of Afrikan American Culture (SAAAC) promotes unity among people and allies of color and encourages high academic standards and greater campus involvement among its members. One of SAAAC's main goals is to increase awareness of the concerns of the minority community through cultural and social programs open and to the greater campus community. The group promotes dignity, pride, respect, fosters spiritual growth and involvement and aids in the recruitment and the retention of students of color. SAAAC encourages membership from the entire student body!

    Students of Latinx Affinity (SOLA)
    The goal of SOLA is to promote cultural, educational, and social awareness of the Hispanic culture in the university and community.