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    Meet the Class of 2020

  • Class of 2020: Love at First Sight

    Capital University welcomed more than 700 students into the Class of 2020 on Thursday, August 18. As residence halls were filled, rooms were adorned and new friendships were seeded, we caught up with a few of our newest students to find out why they chose Capital, and to hear their first impressions now that they’re officially part of the Cap Family. 

    Brianna Smith  

    Brianna “Bri” Smith

    Bri Smith is a biology/pre-dentistry major who chose Capital because of its small-school appeal and the connection she felt the first time she visited.

    “I was looking at small schools because being at a big campus would be too intimidating for me,” she said. “But with Capital, everything is right here. It’s a comfortable campus. I just felt a connection to the campus, and I thought, yep, I choose Capital.”

    The Mount Vernon, Ohio, native is an only child who knew her transition to college wasn’t just about her — it was about her mom, too. So she chose ease into Capital by participating in Smooth Transitions, a three-day pre-orientation program for all students who want to become more familiar with the resources that can support their transition to the academic, cultural and social environments of Capital.

    “I’ve lived with my mom for the last 18 years, and the separation anxiety was scary for both of us. Smooth Transitions was a way to assure her, and myself, that I was in good hands,” she said. “I’m impressed by how many organizations there are — tutoring, student accounts, financial aid, student success. There are so many opportunities to get caught up if you fall behind, and so many people here to help you.”


    Deshay Walker  

    Deshay Walker

    Deshay Walker also participated in Smooth Transitions, after her admission counselor, Jae Denson, suggested it.

    “I’m so happy that I got to do Smooth Transitions,” the psychology major said. “I’m amazed by the number of actually nice people I’ve met in just the last few days. You just don’t meet that many genuinely nice people who really care about you and want to help you.”

    A Columbus native, Walker wasn’t initially considering Capital, or any private colleges for that matter, when she started her college search. She applied to a lot of colleges, but had her sights set south on a state school outside of Ohio. But Capital showed an interest in her, she said. “I felt like they really wanted me here.”

    So she took a closer look at scholarship and financial aid opportunities with Capital’s Financial Aid Office, and found Capital was more affordable than she had realized.

    Capital’s Office of Financial Aid helps students and families close the gap between family contribution and the cost of college. They help students understand the types of aid of aid and scholarships available to students, and to thoroughly understand how loans work.

    “It seemed like a lot at first,” she admitted. “But then I worked with people in Financial Aid, and they said, ‘we can help you do this.’”


    Kennedy Harden  

    Kennedy Harden

    Kennedy Harden knows she’s shy, and that’s why she wanted to get an early start to her orientation to Capital through Smooth Transitions. And already, she knows she’s home.

    “I’ve met so many people, and I can’t believe how welcoming everyone is,” she said.

    Having grown up in Columbus, Harden had no intention of leaving one of the Midwest’s most thriving cities, and that influenced her decision to choose Capital. She plans to spend her first year discovering Capital, and exploring her academic and career options. That’s why she hasn’t declared a major yet.

    “I feel like there’s a lot of opportunity in Columbus. So I’m keeping my options open.”


    Jacob Harper  

    Jacob Harper

    All students feel a little jittery during their first day on a new campus. Jacob Harper is no exception. But after moving into his residence hall and hitting it off with his roommate, the chemistry/pre-pharmacy major put the nerves behind him and set his sights on the Welcome Weekend activities, especially the trip to the Columbus Zoo and Acquarium.

    “It’s such a friendly an beautiful campus,” Harper said. “Everyone is so friendly. I’ve met some new people, and I connected with someone from my high school. I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead.


    Andrew Thomas  

    Andrew Thomas
    computer science

    For Andrew Thomas, being a nerd is a point of pride. It’s something to show off. The computer science major from Columbus hasn’t decided on a career path yet, but he is unabashedly into computers (he’s built his own twice), coding and applying his passion for technology to all types of projects and diverse learning scenarios.

    Attracted to Capital because of the Cap Family, its small and personal learning environment, affordability and Capital’s Columbus location, Thomas eventually chose Capital because of its openness to “different happenings and letting different voices be heard.”

    Looking forward to the year ahead, Thomas is ready to be challenged academically and earn some new bragging rights.

    “I’m really excited about learning, and to show off that I’m a computer nerd,” he said.

    Professors David Reed and Jonathan Stadler, did you catch that?


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    Where are we from?

    The freshmen in the Class of 2020 are from 24 states (including Ohio) and we have the following countries represented:
    • Taiwan
    • China
    • Indonesia
    • Vietnam
    • Nigeria
    • Senegal
    • Turkmenistan