Special Interest Groups | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


Special Interest

  • Womens Empowerment Alliance

    These groups represent the broad spectrum of unique interests of our student body.

    Baker Street Bees
    To unify individuals who are interested in further exploring all aspects of the character and stories of Sherlock Holmes using a variety of mediums such as books, short stories, films, and television shows.

    Campus Democrats
    Campus Democrats is Capital University’s chapter of the College Democrats of Ohio (CDO). It is an extension of the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP), whose mission involves educating students about progressive values and helping to elect Democrats in every corner of the state—at the top and the bottom of the ticket. The organization also promotes a better America to ensure rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through equality, opportunity, and freedom within a just and strong society. As citizens of today and leaders of tomorrow, the organization strives to shape the campus, community, state, and nation into a more perfect union. For full dedication to this cause and to this mission, Campus Democrats call for full participation from students on this campus without regard to sex, gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, physical ability, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

    College Republicans
    The College Republicans represent the values of limited government, personal freedom, and individual responsibility, at the college level. We advance these ideals through education, political discourse, and activism, as we engage our peers and defend liberty wherever it is threatened.

    Friends Not Food
    Our mission is to promote and provide an environment conducive to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles; advocate for animal welfare and positive change, and educate anyone who is interested in these lifestyles and causes.

    Socialist Student Union
    The purpose of the Capital University Socialist Student Union is to create a space where non-capitalist points of view are made to be freely expressed with a like minded group of people as well as allowing students on Capital's campus to become involved politically without necessarily being involved with a political party.

    Nascar Club
    Capital University NASCAR Club is a social group focused on facilitating the enjoyment of NASCAR racing and motorsports on Capital’s campus. We welcome anyone on campus to come to our events, regardless of previous interest in or level of knowledge about NASCAR.

    Women’s Empowerment Alliance
    The purpose of Women's Empowerment Alliance is to advocate for marginalized groups, break down gender roles and the stereotypes of both femininity and masculinity, open discussion regarding relationship violence, and take action towards equality. Fulfillment of these purposes will occur through weekly discussion, the hosting of events and programs both on and off campus, and fundraising.