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Travel Expenses

  •  Reporting Procedure

    After your trip, collect your receipts and submit the originals with a properly filled out Travel Expense Report. If you use the Excel spreadsheet on the Finance Office website, all calculations will be done for you. If you are printing the sheet and filling it out manually, you must do the math. If there is money left, place in an envelope and attach to the Travel Expense Report. If money is due to you, fill in the appropriate line on the Travel Expense Report and a check will be written to you.

    Turn in the Travel Expense Report to the Accounts Payable office located in the Finance Office. They will be checked for accuracy and given to the Director of Accounting Operations for approval. Your check will be written after the report comes back, signed, from the Director.

    To fill out a Travel Expense Report:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Purpose and/or destination of trip or expense
    • Account department name and number to be charged
    • List all expenses and spread across in appropriate columns
    • Note: Current rate for personal mileage is $.585/mile (as of 1/1/22)

    Summary area

    1. Total expenses will be filled in automatically if using Excel spreadsheet.
    2. Enter amount of cash advance received
      If number 3 is greater than number 2 - cash due University, please attach
      If number 2 is greater than number 3 - check due you, one will be written

    Sign report and give to appropriate person for approval and signature.