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ELCA Region 6 Archives

  • Introduction

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Region 6 Archives is part of the network of ELCA Churchwide and Regional Archives. The ELCA Region 6 Archives was established in 1992 with the cooperative support of the Region 6 synods. The ELCA Region 6 Archives serves the six ELCA synods located in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

    Archive Hours

    Tuesday - 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Wednesday - 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Fridays - 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

    The ELCA Region 6 Archives is located in the lower level of Mees Dormitory with an office presence in Hamma Library at Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University, 2199 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43209. Patrons are encouraged to schedule an appointment prior to arrival. Please call (614) 236-6855 or email reg6archives@capital.edu to schedule an appointment.

    Parking: Visitor parking spaces are available in the parking lot outside of Trinity Lutheran Seminary. 


    Jennifer Long Morehart
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Region 6 Archivist
    Telephone: (614) 236-6855
    E-mail: jmorehart2@capital.edu 


    • To preserve and make available the official and permanently valuable records created by Region 6 synods and institutions.
    • To provide archival support to the Lutheran congregations and institutions operating in each participating synod of the Region 6 Archives.
    • To identify and collect the records of antecedent bodies (synods, districts, defunct Lutheran institutions and congregations).



    Reference services are provided on-site at the archives, by mail, phone, or email request.  

    Research Fee Policy

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Region 6 Archives strives to serve researchers and their various needs and requests. A key aspect of the Archives’ mission is to preserve and make available the official and permanently valuable records created by Region 6 synods and institutions. To better serve the entire research community, the ELCA Region 6 Archives has implemented the following Research Fee Schedule:

    • Each hour of research will be charged in half-hour increments at $30.00 per hour. The first half-hour will be free.
    • Photocopies are $0.30/page.
    • A $5.00 fee will be charged to patrons seeking verification of their baptisms and/or confirmations.
    • All researchers will be sent an invoice (either by postal mail or electronic mail) before the research results are sent. Upon payment, research results will be provided.
    • Invoices include information on research time and photocopy charges.
    • ELCA synods and congregations will not be charged for the time; however, an invoice statement will be provided showing the amount of time for research and the number of photocopies made. No fees will be listed on the invoice.
    • Researchers who do on-site research will be charged only for photocopies, in accordance with the Photocopy Policy of the archives. They will be provided an invoice for their records.

     Support for ELCA Congregations and Organizations

    Support is given to ELCA congregations and organizational archives through individual consultation and workshops. Topics include (but are not limited to):

    • Establishing a congregational archive
    • Celebrating a congregational anniversary
    • Compiling a congregational history
    • Suggestions for records retention
    • Caring for the parish register
    • Preserving electronic documents 


    Access Policy

    The archive makes research materials available to all registered patrons in accordance with Region 6 Archives policies and practices.

    Collection Policy

    The Region 6 Archives is the official repository for the archival records of ELCA Region 6 synods and predecessor bodies. The Archives preserves the records of disbanded ELCA congregations. Active congregations are responsible for keeping their own records. The archive does collect congregational histories and microfilm copies of congregational records for reference and preservation purposes. Inactive records of institutions, organizations, and ministries supported by the Region 6 synods and predecessors will be collected when no other provisions for their preservation exist. The Region 6 Archives cooperates with ELCA Churchwide and other regional archives to preserve records of the ELCA ‘s predecessor bodies.


    ELCASynod and Predecessor Body Minutes Collections

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    Congregational Histories: Indiana
    Congregational Histories: Kentucky
    Congregational Histories: Michigan
    Congregational Histories: Ohio

    Closed Congregation Collections
    Congregational Records: Indiana and Kentucky
    Congregational Records: Michigan
    Congregational Records: Ohio

    Personal Papers Collections

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