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  • Ellipsis CoverWith its inaugural publication in Spring of 2018, Ellipsis became Capital University’s Undergraduate Journal for Qualitative and Theoretical Studies. This journal was introduced by student Alex Mathews in order that the University might have a journal dedicated exclusively for the liberal arts. This publication is produced entirely by students of Capital University with the support of faculty and staff. 

    The table of contents for Volume 1 is below and the full publication can be downloaded here.

    Ellipsis: Volume 1, Spring 2018

    An Overview of Relations between Chinese Jews and their Government, 618 CE-Present
    Austin Reid

    Boundless Greed: Analysis of Corruption in Central African Republic’s Political and Economic Atmospheres, 1960-present
    Mil Mijatovic

    Skipping through the Landmines: How a New Historicism Reading of Nancy Mitford’s Wigs on the Green Reveals the Complex Battle for Britain’s soul in the early 1930s
    R. Christian Phillips

    Insects as Food? Insects as Food!
    The Environmental, Economic, and Nutritional Benefits of Increased Insect Consumption and the Barriers Involved
    Julia Wiebe

    Russia’s Jewish Converts: A History of the Subbotnik Movement, 1796-Present
    Austin Reid

    Mama and Dr. Facilier: Misrepresentation of Voodoo in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog
    Moriah Reichert

    The Enduring Legacy of Those Ladies in Red: Following the Changing Nature of The Red Detachment of Women
    R. Christian Phillips

    History Assassinated: A Comparative Analysis of Videogames and History
    Rachel Crumley

    Understanding the Legal Status of China’s Jews: An Overview of Relations between Chinese Jews and their Government, 618 CE-Present
    Austin Reid

    Alex Mathews, Chief Editor
    Luke Gaulke, Vice Editor
    Austin Reid, Treasurer
    Xavier Wherley, Graphic Designer
    Alexis Frantum, English Editor
    Christian Phillips, History Editor
    Jay Scott, Spanish Editor
    Aurelia McMahon, French Editor
    Liza Day, Political Science Editor
    Daniel Pawlowski, Philosophy and Religion Editor

    Dr. Walsh, Advisor and Political Science Editor
    Dr. Dyck, English Editor
    Dr. Carlson, History Editor
    Dr. Saunders, World Languages Editor
    Dr. Jackson, Philosophy and Religion Editor