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    Emerging Media

  • Where ideas and technology converge.

    The easiest way to think about the Emerging Media program is perhaps to pull out your cell phone, where you will see how traditional media over the past decade or so have converged into one seamless online environment. Most of the information and entertainment you’ll find there is created by professionals – people who carefully craft the words, images, and sounds that you seek out. Students who want to excel as professionals in such a media environment will need to know a lot about a whole range of disciplines that work together: film and video, public relations, business, marketing, journalism, graphic design, and more.

    What you’ll learn

    We asked professionals working in the media industry what they think students today need to know, and we designed our program based on their insights. As such, we require each emerging media student to take a core set of courses that provide the necessary foundation of knowledge and skills:

    • Media Criticism & Analysis
    • Commercial Design
    • Introduction to Business
    • Writing in the Professions
    • Emerging Media
    • Introduction to Public Relations

    In addition to the core requirements, we ask students to choose one of these five content tracks as an area of emphasis: Public Relations, Marketing, Film and Media Production, Journalism, Performance Technology, or Digital Design.

    Then, in order to ensure that each student has broad exposure to the disciplines that function in the convergent media environment, we require three additional courses in areas not part of the chosen emphasis.

    Finally, we require an internship experience that serves as a capstone to integrate the student’s knowledge and skills gained through the program.

    High-Impact Practices: Experiential Learning and Internships

    At Capital, we use high-impact practices – teaching techniques and strategies like internships, undergraduate research projects, client-based immersion classes, and hands-on learning opportunities like CapTV, WXCU radio, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and the Chimes newspaper. Our Emerging Media students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities that will help them gain the skills and knowledge they’ll need launch successful careers.

    Watch our simulation - Zombies Take Over Capital from Capital Film & Media on Vimeo.

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