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    The mission of Epistimi: Capital University’s Undergraduate Research Journal is to highlight the empirical research conducted by Capital University students. Under the direction of student editors and a faculty editorial board, Epistimi is an extension of Capital University’s undergraduate research initiative and it reflects Capital’s mission and goals.

    Simon Nichols
    Valerie Szabo


    Kathryn Bell
    Jody S. Fournier
    Jennifer F. Hodge
    Andrea M. Karkowski
    Suzanne Marilley
    Janette McDonald
    Sherry Mong
    Mitsu Narui
    Renda Ross
    Saleem M. Saleem
    Pamela Schmidt
    Mandy Smith
    Sally Stamper

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    From Volume IX, 2016 

    Undergraduate Research Across Disciplines
    Valerie Szabo, Simon Nichols

    A Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Mental Illness and Criminality in the News Media
    Jessica A. Lucius

    Prevalence of Cyber Bullying on Capital University’s Campus
    Ciarra Davis, Angeline Renner

    Physiological Responses to Gendered Microaggressions: The Role of Emotional Stability as a Moderator for Biological Responses to Bias
    Rachel Arnold

    Examining Campus Diversity and Inclusion
    Jamie N. Jasper, Niamani Mayes, Gabrielle Genovesi,
    Camille Wells-Smith

    Fight Back: Evaluation of a Sexual Assault Prevention Course at Capital University
    Kelsey M. Pinckard, Sarah Nist

    First Generation Experience: Examining Programming Targeted at Fostering Self-efficacy, Resilience, and Grit for First-Generation College Students
    Anthony Hitch

    Student Stress and Coping: A Comparative, Quantitative Study
    Valerie Szabo, Cassandra A. Stokes

    Stress among Music Majors
    Trisha M. Howard, Evan Eggleston, Sarah Chidsey, Mason Juenger

    Prevalence of White-footed Mice in an Outdoor Learning Center
    Tori Hanlin

    Checking Out: Evaluating the Library Space in Relation to Students’ Perceptions of Success and Belonging
    Jordan Council, Rachel Dumke, Maryanna Moxley

    Who Gets The Bill? A Check on Gender Roles in American Society
    Alexandra Bader, Marisa Bartell