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  • The Office of Financial Aid is here to help you bridge the gap between your family contribution and the cost of your educational expenses. Understanding the types of aid available, how loans work, and how to manage your costs can be a daunting experience to students and their families. The good news is nearly all Capital students receive some financial assistance.

    We'll help you learn what you need to do to apply for financial aid. Keep in mind filing FAFSA early will generally provide you with the greatest access to all types of financial assistance. Look over our timeline for applications and decisions to know when you need to start planning your college finances.  

    If you have questions about any of the information above, please call Capital's Financial Aid Office choosing one of the options below:

    Incoming students: 614-236-6101
    Returning students: 614-236-6511 


    • Financial Aid Quick Links

      FAFSA - To ask questions to the Department of Education or complete your FAFSA - To apply for a Federal Student Aid Identification to sign your FAFSA

      Capital Quick Links

      Direct Stafford Facts
      Plus Loans
      Alternative Loans
      Nursing Loan
      Special Circumstances/Verification
      Exit Counseling

      Capital Scholarships

      First Year Student Scholarships
      Transfer Scholarships
      International Scholarships  

      Outside Scholarship Opportunities


      If you have any questions regarding the links above or your Financial Aid Award, please visit or office on the first floor of Yochum Hall or call us at 614-236-6511 (or toll free: 1-866-544-6175)

    • Financial Aid Consumer Information
      Capital University is required by federal law to conduct quality assurance and verification of selected students’ financial aid. Get more information about the federal quality assurance and verification process.

      Capital University’s Financial Aid Office operates under the guidelines established in the Financial Aid Code of Conduct (PDF). Please contact the office if you have any questions.
    • Managing Your Costs

      There are a number of payment strategies for meeting your remaining costs at Capital, including:

    • Steps to Getting Aid

      Here’s what you need to do to apply for financial aid. Keep in mind filing early will generally provide you with the greatest access to all types of financial assistance. Look over our timeline for applications and decisions to know when you need to start planning your college finances.

      1. Apply for an FSA ID online with the U.S. Department of Education.  This will be used to complete all federally related steps in the financial aid process, including the FAFSA and accessing loan history once you have graduated.

      2. Complete the FAFSA online before March 1 to be considered for all federal, state and Capital University assistance.

      3. Once we get the results of your FAFSA, we review the information and determine if we must complete the Verification Process. If additional documentation is needed. we will contact you both by mail and by e-mail.  Make sure you respond quickly to ensure your aid is available for the upcoming term.

      4. Complete Entrance Counseling for Federal Loans
        Students receiving Federal Direct loans must complete loan entrance counseling online to ensure that you understand the conditions of your loan before you accept the funds.
        Not only is this step required by the Department of Education, but we believe it is an essential step in understanding what it means to be a student loan borrower.  This process only needs to be completed once and thoroughly helps you assess your need for student loans.

      5. Sign a Master Promissory Note if you are a first time Federal Direct loan borrower. This Note is your pledge to repay your student loans.
        • If you have a Federal Direct loan, you can electronically sign the Master Promissory Note at
    • Estimating Your Aid
      Net Price Calculator 

      You provide us with basic information about you and your family. We generate an estimated aid award for you. You finish with a pretty good idea of what your net cost can be for your first year at Capital.

      Please note the data in the net price calculator reflect institutional aid awarded in previous years. The new data that informs institutional aid awarded in this year will be updated later this fall. If you have questions about your financial award, the net price calculator or anything else related to admission, financial aid or affording Capital, please contact your admission counselor.

      Get started with the Net Price Calculator now.

      Helpful Hints

      Apply early. You will find that there are more opportunities available when you begin the process early. Check out our Financial Aid Timeline for the full scoop.

      If you or your family have any financial circumstances that the FAFSA did not consider, please file the FAFSA and then let us know about your special circumstances.

      Look for third-party scholarships. From your hometown Kiwanis Club to your dad’s company, many institutions unconnected with Capital or the government offer scholarships to college students. Ask your high school guidance counselor for ideas on where to look.

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      For more information, visit the US Department of Education’s Student Aid website and Frequently Asked Questions.


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