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Financial Assistance


    Capital University Overseas Study and Financial Aid Policy

    Capital University views overseas study as an important element of a liberal education. In support of the overall educational mission of the institution, Capital University permits institutional aid (i.e. Capital University and departmental scholarships and grants) to be used towards the instructional cost of overseas study for one semester. Federal and state regulation permits the use of federal and states funds for any program related costs in which the university awards college level credit.

    In using financial aid for study abroad, the following criteria from Capital University's Financial Aid Policy for Study Abroad (PDF) must be met:

    1. Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 semester hours for the term abroad. Credit earned cannot be "redundant" credit (the same course taken twice). Students must complete and submit Worksheet #2 – Course Approval Form (PDF) to the Office of International Education. Deadlines for the Course Approval Form are: the first Monday in November for the spring semester and the first Monday in April for the fall semester. 
    2. Students must research program costs to complete and submit Worksheet #3 – Budget Worksheet (PDF) with copies of program costs from the sponsoring institution, to the Financial Aid Office. The student should schedule a meeting with a financial aid counselor to go over budget material. The counselor will sign the Course Approval Form.
    3. A bill or an invoice for the program needs to be submitted to the Director of Student Accounts in the Finance Office.
    4. If possible, all loan checks should be submitted to the university electronically.
    5. Select a "Power-of-Attorney" who is someone who is not an employee of Capital University, but someone you trust to complete financial arrangements for you when you are out of the country. Please discuss the Power-of-Attorney when you meet with the Director of Student Accounts in the Finance Office.
    6. A final transcript from the overseas institution must be sent to the Capital University Registrar's Office at the completion of the overseas program.
    7. Tuition Remission or Tuition Exchange recipients may not have their benefit applied toward study abroad.
    8. Capital institutional aid may not be applied where a U.S. State Department travel warning is in effect for the destination country. 

    Scholarship Opportunities for Study Abroad

    Since Capital University limits the use of institution aid to the tuition costs of study abroad for one term, here are links to additional scholarship opportunities. Read the instructions carefully and take note of any service component that may be associated with receiving a scholarship.

    Some scholarships require a review and ranking by the university. This review is done by the Academic and Student Success Committee of the College. To be the most competitive it is important to do the following:

    • Read instructions carefully and check the application deadlines.
    • If an essay is required, take a draft to the Academic Success for advice on fine-tuning your message.
    Capital University scholarships for Study Abroad include:
    Additional scholarships for Study Abroad:

    Other Study Abroad funding information: A valuable funding resource for study abroad opportunities A comprehensive resource of all aspects of funding study abroad.