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First-Year Requirements

  • Admission First Year

    The students who are accepted to Capital are all accomplished in the classroom. Here's a snapshot of our first-year class:

    Middle 50% GPA: 3.1-3.8
    Middle 50% ACT score: 21-27
    Middle 50% SAT score: 970-1170

    Capital University is committed to challenging students and creating a personalized learning environment that is free from prohibited discrimination and harassment. The University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, class, religion, sex and gender, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law, and admits qualified students to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students. Decisions are made on a rolling basis with admission letters sent weekly. Most students hear back within 2-4 weeks of submitting application materials. 

    If you are a music student, nursing student, or entering college as a home-schooled student, special program requirements will apply.  Otherwise, a completed application consists of the following:

  • First Year Admission Requirements
    • Counselor Information Form

      Give this form (PDF) to your guidance counselor and tell them to mail it with your official transcript. For their convenience, also provide them with a stamped envelope addressed to:

      Capital University
      Admission Office
      1 College and Main
      Columbus, OH 43209-2394

    • Your Cumulative GPA & High School Transcript

      We carefully evaluate the high school record of each applicant, including review of your cumulative high school GPA and your course curriculum. After you send your Capital application, be sure your guidance counselor is mailing a copy of your official transcript in a sealed envelope to Capital. The main college preparatory courses we are looking for are as follows:

      • 4 English classes
      • 3 Math classes (including Algebra II)
      • 3 Science classes (including two lab sciences)
      • 3 Social Studies classes
      • 2 Foreign Language classes
      • 1 Fine arts class

      Tip: These courses are only recommendations and students that may be missing something are still encouraged to apply. We give each application careful consideration and have a defer process if an applicant’s record isn’t quite admissible at the time they apply. Deferred students can send updated grades and test scores as the year goes on for additional consideration.

    • Your ACT or SAT test scores

      Capital requires each applicant to submit official ACT or SAT scores. Your scores can be submitted on an official copy of your high school transcript mailed by your guidance counselor or sent directly from ACT or SAT. Our ACT code number is 3242, and our SAT code number is 1099 when you are filling out your registration forms.

      Tip: Send all of test results to Capital. We “superscore” your tests by taking your best sub-scores across multiple tests and averaging them together to create the best score possible for you. We will do this automatically as long as you send us copies of all of your test scores. We will always use the very highest result possible for both your admission decision and scholarship offer!

    • Your Admission Application

      Our Admission Committee evaluate applications throughout the year for fall or spring enrollment. Apply online or  complete the common application. Get in touch with our Admission Office by calling 614-236-6101. 

      Tip: Be sure to fill out your application in detail. Your admission application also doubles as your scholarship application for most Capital merit and targeted awards! While we do not require an essay or letters of recommendation (easy, huh?), we do ask for a listing of your high school involvement so be sure to tell us all about yourself. If you are having trouble filling out the online application please download the Paper Capital Admission Application (PDF) and mail it to Capital. 

  • Special Program Requirements

    If you are a music student, nursing student, or entering college as a home-schooled student, you will need to meet special program requirements. Be sure to read the requirements for each program below if this applies to you.

    Conservatory of Music Audition Requirements
    Nursing Major Requirements

    Home-Schooled Student Requirements

  • Questions?
    Get in touch with our Admission Office by calling 614-236-6101 or toll free 866-544-6175.