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Good Guarantee

  • Capital University Good Guarantee

    Capital University guarantees half tuition for incoming undergraduates whose families have chosen mission-centered careers through nonprofit and public-service work. 

    Uncommonly Committed to Champions of the Common Good.

  • Brightening the world with champions of the common good.

    Capital FamilyYou’ve built your career around a mission that’s bigger than you. At work and in life, you choose to serve others, sometimes even at the expense of your own gain. You’re a champion of the common good, and to us, that’s anything but common. It’s extraordinary. Simply put, a brighter world needs more champions for good.

    Capital University celebrates the commitment of those who work for nonprofit and public-service organizations that exist to advance a mission that lifts up people, communities and causes for the public good. From firefighters, law enforcement officers and those in U.S. military service to church- and faith-based organizations, health care professionals, arts and culture advocates, educators, civil servants and more, people with the brightest minds and biggest hearts often choose nonprofit work, even if it means earning less.

    Choosing to do good should never be a barrier to pursuing the transformative education Capital provides. So, we have GOOD news. If you’re an incoming full-time undergraduate student and you, your parents, guardians or your spouse have chosen nonprofit or public-service work, our Good Guarantee will cover half your tuition. You invest in others. We’ll invest in you. Together, we can guarantee more good. This is our Good Guarantee.


  • Good Guarantee: Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is eligible for the Good Guarantee?
    • Started in 2019, this award is available to new full-time, traditional undergraduate students. The Good Guarantee does not extend to part-time undergraduate students or students in Capital University’s graduate programs.
    • Please visit our financial aid page for more information about scholarships Capital makes available to you.
    • The student or their spouse, parent or legal guardian must be a paid employee of a nonprofit or public-service organization – such as hospitals and nonprofit health care facilities, health and human services providers and agencies, arts and cultural organizations, education, churches and faith-based organizations, civil service fields, including public safety, government and U.S. military institutions – at the time of application and/or the start of their first year at Capital. Note: If the organization’s website ends in .org, .gov*, or .edu**, there is a good chance you qualify.
    • All undergraduate majors and minors are eligible. Students do not need to pursue nonprofit or public-service careers to be eligible.
    • As with all institutional aid, students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
    No one in my family works for a nonprofit or in public service, so I’m not eligible for the Good Guarantee. Does Capital offer a scholarship program for students like me?
    • Yes! Capital is a place where everyone belongs, and we believe purposeful professions take all forms. We honor and empower all individuals who brighten our world by living out their purpose – in their careers, communities, families and society. Even if you are not eligible for the Good Guarantee, Capital has many, many scholarship and aid options available to you. In fact, we fund more than $50 million annually in scholarships, grants and aid to make Capital affordable for students and their families.
    • Capital’s financial aid comes in two forms: merit-based and need-based
      • We award merit-based aid in the form of scholarships and grants based on a student’s academic performance, talent, and affinity. Characteristics we consider are high school GPA, ACT/SAT test scores, college transcripts and performance on music auditions and scholarship competitions like Collegiate Fellowship, Capital Scholars, and Battelle Scholars. We also consider students’ interests, relationships (is someone in your family a Cap Grad?) and affinities, including siblings of current Capital students and Lutheran church affiliation.
      • Capital awards other aid based on need in the form of the Capital Connect Grant. These funds are given over and above government grants and loans. Eligibility is based solely on the outcome of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) submitted by the prospective student and their family. Factors such as test scores or athletic ability have no bearing on need-based aid.
    • Nearly all traditional undergraduate students, including transfer students, receive financial aid from Capital.
    What is included in the guarantee?
    • Through the Good Guarantee, Capital University guarantees that eligible students will pay a tuition rate of no more than half of the published tuition.
    • Room and board, books, and fees are not included in the guarantee.
    • The calculation of half-tuition considers university merit, talent and need-based aid.  If the total of these awards does not cover a minimum of half of the tuition, Capital’s Good Guarantee will supplement your financial aid package to guarantee you pay no more than half the tuition rate. The guarantee is renewable for eight semesters, or all four years of the student’s undergraduate career.
    • Many Capital students will be eligible for scholarships that are far greater than half of the tuition rate.
    Are current students eligible for the Good Guarantee?
    • Current Capital students whose financial aid package is less than 50 percent of the tuition rate and who meet all other eligibility requirements can file an application, available in the Financial Aid Office, for review under the Good Guarantee. Eligibility will be determined upon completion of the application process.
    Are commuter and residential students eligible?
    • Yes. Residential status (living on campus or commuting from home) is not a factor in eligibility.
    • For residential students, room and board costs are in addition to tuition and not included in the Good Guarantee.
    Do volunteer positions at a nonprofit qualify?
    • No. Paid employment with a nonprofit organization is required.
    Are federal aid and third-party scholarships included in the half-tuition calculation?
    • Financial aid and scholarships from sources other than Capital University will be added on top of your Capital half-tuition calculation to further reduce the cost of attending college for those who qualify.
    • Examples of these additional resources include scholarships from independent sources such as corporations, individuals or community scholarship funds, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG), Work Study and Student Loans.
    How do I apply?
    • When you complete your application to Capital, you will indicate your eligibility for the Good Guarantee and provide the requested information, including the name of the family member employed by the nonprofit or public-service organization, their relationship to the student, and name of the organization. Capital University reserves the right to verify employment.
    Do I need to complete the FAFSA?
    • Completion of the FAFSA is not required to qualify for the Good Guarantee, however, we encourage all students to consider completing the FAFSA in order to identify additional resources that may be available to them.
    When will I see the Good Guarantee applied to my application?
    • The Good Guarantee will be confirmed when you receive your formal financial aid package from the university. Financial Aid representatives will review your package to ensure it meets or exceeds the half-tuition good guarantee.
    * Capital’s Good Guarantee extends to eligible government employees and certain family members provided they are not prohibited by applicable law or policy from personally participating in the program or having a family member participate in the program, and who certify that fact.
    ** The Good Guarantee is available to nonprofit educational institution employees, their spouses and their children.