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     About the Program

    Zoltán Kodály (1882 - 1967) was a Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, linguist, educator, author and philosopher who inspired a revolution in the teaching of music in Hungary. He, together with colleagues, established new principles for music education now known as the Kodály Philosophy of music education.

    In 1980, Capital Graduate Gregory Von Stein ('77) and professor of music education Dr. Sandra Mathias established The Kodály Institute at Capital. Endorsed by the Organization of American Kodaly Educators, opportunities include:

    • Study with distinguished faculty of world-class master teachers  
    • Direct application and implementation of pedagogy into the classroom 
    • Degree completed in a minimum of 3 summers
    • Obtain your Kodály certification
    • Endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators 
    Preferred Tracks of Study

    The Kodály Institute students can choose one of two tracks of study:

    •  Elementary Music Education with  Kodály Emphasis 
    •   Secondary Choral Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis


    Ready to get started? Find out how to apply to the Master of Music in Music Education program and get started on your application right away. If you have questions about whether the program is right for you, call the Adult and Grad Admission Office at 614-236-6996 or email adult-grad@capital.edu.

    Program Dates and Courses

     Summer Session I - June 25 - July 13, 2018
    Summer Session II - July 16 - August 3, 2018

    Education Courses - Offered Summer Session I
    • Educational Psychology in the Music Classroom 
    • Research in Music and Education 
    • Foundations of Music Education (odd years) 
    • Music Technology Seminar (even years) 
    • Final Project
    Music Courses - Offered Summer Session II
    • Choir
    • Conducting
    • Folk Song/Choral Research
    • Methodology
    • Musicianship
    Final Project

    All Masters students complete a final project. This can be done either during their final summer or the following school year. The final project consists of two teaching videos and a folk song, research, music collection, and retrieval project. Students completing their degree requirements and final project will receive their certificate at the closing concert in their last semester.

    Kodály Certification Program

    For students interesting in pursuing certification in the Kodály philosophy, the Kodály Institute also offers a non-degree certificate option.

    The Kodály Certification Program offers students the opportunity to continue their education and learn how to fully implement the Kodály philosophy program into their classrooms.


    Capital University offers several Kodály books which can be purchased or ordered from our bookstore. Visit our bookstore website.

    » Download the Kodály book list


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