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    Life Care Planner Program


    At this time, Capital University Law School is pausing the Life Care Planner program. We are not accepting applications for future cohorts.
  • The LCP Program at Capital University Law School has moved in a new direction. We take innovative education and evidenced-based learning to the next level. And we prepare students to hit the ground running in their life care planning careers.

    We want you to realize more from the LCP Program at Capital. As a student at Capital, you receive more than the minimum 120 hours of pre-certification training required by credentialing organizations. The LCP Program provides you with over 200 hours of this training in a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

    Why Capital for Life Care Planning?

    LCP-Callout-02There are many reasons to choose the LCP Program at Capital Law. Our program is approved by the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC), and is the only program affiliated with an American Bar Association accredited law school and a major university – distinguishing and attractive credentials in the legal community. As a Capital student, you receive:

    • Access to the University library and its resources for your researching needs
    • Graduate-level credit from an accredited university
    • An immediate network of colleagues within the life care planning specialty
    • Courses designed to address multiple industry standards:
      • Current ICHCC and other Role & Function Studies
      • Standards set forth by the American Academy of Physician Life Care Planners (AAPLCP), American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP), Certified Nurse Life Care Planners (CNLCP) Certification Board, and the International Academy of Life Care Planning (IALCP)
      • Broad-based Consensus Best Practice Standards
    • A peer-reviewed life care plan
    • Regular interaction with instructors who have more than 40 years combined of life care planning experience
    • An onsite litigation experience with review of your life care plan, mock depositions, and trial testimony with direct and cross examination by seasoned litigation attorneys

    These are just a few of the benefits our students take away from the program.

    The Curriculum

    The LCP Program combines the benefits of a hybrid program by incorporating synchronous, asynchronous, and face-to-face learning. You receive the best of all methods at Capital. The instructors provide video lectures and discussions for you to review on important topics covered in each module. You participate in live conferences with instructors and classmates twice a week where you ask questions and unpack all the information provided to you from a myriad of instructional materials. You receive references to government resources, peer-reviewed and specialty literature, view interviews with experts in the field, and access university library resources and search methods. From the start, you put these resources into practice by reviewing case studies and learning practical applications necessary to succeed as a life care planner.

    You are the Expert Witness at Capital Law

    LCP-Callout-03The Litigation Capstone is held at the Law School where you are the expert witness. We don’t merely talk about how to be an expert witness, we put you through the expert witness experience: a deposition on your report followed by the courtroom trial where a judge, trial attorneys, and jurors set the stage for you to take the witness stand and defend your life care plan. After your deposition and trial testimony, observers provide real-time feedback to help you identify your strengths and challenges as an expert. Our graduates continually recognize this experience as one of the most valuable aspects of the program at Capital Law.

    Why Life Care Planning?

    Individuals who sustain a catastrophic injury, accident, or chronic illness usually require a plan outlining their long-term health care and associated needs. A life care planner develops such a plan and may be retained as part of a legal team in a variety of cases (e.g., personal injury, workers’ compensation, family law), particularly at the settlement and/or damages phase of litigation. The life care planner uses a step-by-step methodology to determine the care needs and related costs for the injured or chronically ill individual. Healthcare professionals who are registered nurses, vocational rehabilitation counselors, physicians, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, rehabilitation case managers, or other allied health professionals, are well-suited to become life care planners.

  • Required Courses

    Module 1: Introduction History, Professional Issues, Evidence-Based Standards, Life Care Plan, Medical Cost Projection
    Module 2: Adult – Amputation, Brain Injury, Burns, Polytrauma, Sensory, Spinal Cord Injury, Transplants
    Module 3: Pediatric – Brachial Plexus, Cerebral Palsy, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Epilepsy, Respiratory
    Module 4: Advanced & Special Issues – Aging, Chronic Pain and Conditions, Mental Health, Premorbid and Co-Morbid Conditions
    Module 5: Pricing – Collateral Sources, Critique/Rebuttal of Life Care Plan
    Module 6: Vocational, Avocational, Educational Issues, and Economic & Structured Settlements
    Module 7: Life Care Plan Development and Report Practicum
    Module 8: Life Care Planning Litigation Capstone

  • Adult and Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Adult and Graduate Tuition and Fees
    Adult and Continuing Education $559 x credit hour
    Adult and Continuing Education (Social Work) $417 x credit hour
    Master of Arts in Education (includes endorsement) $686 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Music Education $710 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Business Administration $710 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Nursing $710 x credit hour
    Accelerated BSN $620 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - JD Concentrations $1,465 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - LL.M. $1,465 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - Master of Taxation $761 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - Master of Legal Studies $735 x credit hour
    Paralegal Program $426 x credit hour
    Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University $679 x credit hour
    Health and Wellness (Full-time students only) $110/year
    Technology Fee $280/year
    Activity Fee $100/year