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  • Beyond the Books 
    A theological seminary is more than an educational institution. It is also a community of Christians gathering in the name of Jesus to praise God and to be empowered for mission. Stewardship of seminary education involves seeking the maximum possible involvement in the various dimensions of the seminary experience: academics, worship, ministry in context, community life, and special programs. Spouses and families are a valuable part of the Trinity community. Families are invited and encouraged to participate in daily worship and special events, to use the library and to become involved in support groups and special events. 

    Trinity ChoirWorship stands at the center of the day’s activities with worship services in mid-morning when most students and faculty are on campus. Additional opportunities for morning, noon and early evening worship vary from year to year. Without such daily opportunities for corporate and private worship, the study of God’s truth becomes a hollow enterprise. Faculty and students share in the responsibility of planning and conducting daily worship under the direction of the Worship Life Coordinator. Special worship events are also held to give families an opportunity to worship and enjoy fellowship together. Our heritage invites us to employ traditional forms of the historic liturgy. It also invites us to newness and contemporary expression. Both forms aim at helping to foster a dynamic worship life at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

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    Life Together
    Life Together is the organization of Trinity Lutheran Seminary that has responsibility for the non-academic aspects of seminary life. Life Together draws its membership widely from students, faculty, and staff. Its work is carried out through regular meetings, through an Executive Committee, and through committees created each year in response to community concerns, gifts and interests. 


    The Integrative Group (I-Group)
    Integrative Groups, consisting of a faculty person and his/her advisees, provide a supportive small group for fellowship, nurture, formation, care, worship planning, and academic planning. Choral Evensong Choir

    Music Program
    The Seminary Choir and the Liturgical Choir are open to students, faculty, staff, and their spouses and children. Although the choirs exist primarily to enhance the worship and musical life of the seminary, the Seminary Choir also sings for special events. Other vocal and instrumental groups are organized each year in response to student interest. 


    Trinity Prison Project
    The Trinity Prison Project is a partnership between Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University and Pickaway Correctional Institution in Orient, Ohio.


    Student and On-Campus Community Newsletter
    For the Living of these Days (FLOTD) is a weekly newsletter created and managed by students. Read current and past issues and/or subscribe

    Trinity's New Beginnings
    A weekly newsletter from Dean Kathryn "Kit" Kleinhans. New Begininngs will update readers on the life and work of Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University. She and others will share thoughts about this lively time. If you're not already a subscriber to the midweek messages, you can subscribe using the form below. Read current and past issue and/or subscribe.

    Promise for Life
    Following a moving class presentation by Alfred Tibor, a Holocaust survivor and sculptor, then President Dennis Anderson (1990-2000) invited him to his office for a personal conversation. Dr. Anderson asked Mr. Tibor to produce a sketch for a public sculpture that would be placed in a prominent position on the Trinity campus. The president gave Mr. Tibor a theme that proclaims how God confronts and deals with our sin and our hope for life:

    “Out of the flames of human hate come the ashes of death.
    Out of the flame of God’s love comes the promise for life.”

    This theme is engraved on the base of the completed Sculpture.

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