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    Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate

  • The Legal Nurse Consultant Program at Capital University Law School trains registered nurses to use their clinical/nursing experience as part of a legal team.

    LNC-Callout-02As a registered nurse, your clinical background is valuable beyond the hospital floors or doctor offices. Legal nurse consultants serve as collaborators, strategists, and educators in medically-related litigation for medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and products liability cases as well as other medical-legal matters. They are an important part of the legal team.

    Training as a legal nurse consultant is rigorous and combines instruction in practical and substantive areas of the law. You will learn about torts and contracts, health care and insurance law, and workers’ compensation law. And you will take classes that teach the practical aspects of being a legal nurse consultant including civil litigation, legal research and writing, and medical research and records. This program is approved by the American Bar Association and held at an accredited law school.

    The Legal Nurse Consultant Program is offered for paralegal education. Legal nurse consultants may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

    The program is designed to meet the R.N.’s scheduling needs.

    Each monthly module includes 20 hours of onsite classroom sessions. The classroom time is usually scheduled the second weekend of each month on Friday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. (We may alter the schedule from the second weekend of the month to accommodate holidays. Please consult the yearly schedule.) The remainder of each module is completed online and by weekly conferences.

    The legal nurse consultant is an important part of the legal team.

    LNC-Callout-01The legal nurse consultant is an important member of a legal team who assists with, among other things, evaluating, analyzing, and rendering informed opinions about “medical issues, delivery of health care, and/or the health outcomes as they relate to cases or issues within the medical-legal arena.” AALNC, Getting Started in Legal Nurse Consulting, at 3 (3rd ed. 2009). The unique combination of medical and legal knowledge offers the legal nurse consultant many opportunities to apply their skills in a variety of litigation and other medical-related cases:

    • Medical malpractice
    • Other personal injury (auto, slip & fall)
    • Product liability
    • Toxic torts
    • Worker’s compensation
    • Risk management
    • Healthcare licensure investigation
    • Social security disability
    • Life care planning
    • Case management
    • Corporate and regulatory compliance
    • Billing fraud

    Copied from Getting Started, at 3 with permission from the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (“AALNC”).

    Many LNCs work as independent consultants and work for law firms, insurance companies, and hospitals. Often the independent consultant continues a full-time clinical practice. Getting Started, at 9. The LNC may also work at these entities or for the government as a full-time employee. In either role, the LNC provides numerous benefits to the legal team including cost-effectiveness, resourcefulness, knowledge, and medical experience.

    A successful LNC will provide to each case broad-based clinical experience, medical and legal education, professionalism, a wide variety of skills – analytical, communication, and interpersonal, to name a few, a demonstrated commitment to nursing and the law, and special knowledge about healthcare.

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  • Adult and Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Adult and Graduate Tuition and Fees
    Adult and Continuing Education $514 x credit hour
    Adult and Continuing Education (Social Work) $417 x credit hour
    Doctor of Nursing Practice $950 x credit hour
    Master of Arts in Education (includes endorsement) $632 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Music Education - Additional course fee of $347 for MM 681 $650 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Business Administration $710 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Nursing $650 x credit hour
    Accelerated BSN $578 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - JD Concentrations  
    Capital Law School - LL.M. $1,334 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - Master of Taxation $694 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - Master of Legal Studies $694 x credit hour
    Evening Paralegal Program $412 x credit hour
    Summer Immersion Paralegal Program $412 x credit hour
    Legal Nurse Consultant Program $412 x credit hour
    Life Care Planner $412 x credit hour
    Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University $624 x credit hour
    Health and Wellness (Full-time students only) $110/year
    Technology Fee $110/year
    Activity Fee $100/year
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