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    Music Technology

  • Which Music Technology Degree is right for you?

    Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Arts  in Professional Studies
    • Audition on a primary instrument or voice required
    • In-depth study in Music Technology
    • Conservatory of Music Core Curriculum
    • University Core Curriculum
    • NASM accredited degree program
    • Audition is not required
    • In-depth study in Music Technology
    • Minor in an outside field 
    • University Core Curriculum
    • HLC accredited degree program
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    • Rasmussen
      Heavy Metal Hitters

      Capital’s Music Technology majors enjoy access to world-class sound engineers like Flemming Rasmussen (think Metallica’s One). If you love music and are passionate about tech, then you’ll love our Music Technology major.

      You’ll have your choice of five world-class recording studios. You’ll take road trips to Nashville. You’ll spend a semester of study at the internationally acclaimed Recording Workshop. You’ll have internship opportunities at more than 150 recording, theater and production studios worldwide. And your professors will have the knowledge, experience and connections to prepare you for your career in music — and to help you get started. These are just a few of the many reasons students choose Capital's Music Technology program. 

      Factor in the Music Technology Workshop, a half day of master classes and guest lecture presentations on Music Technology-related topics and access to world-class sound engineers like Flemming Rasmussen (think Metallica’s One), and you can’t go wrong. If you love music and you’re a tech genius, then you’ve found your home in Capital’s Music Technology major.

      Housed in the Conservatory of Music where exposure to prolific musicians, ensembles and genres is part of daily life, the Music Technology program is focused on experiential learning and a diverse curriculum that prepares students for exciting and rewarding careers in multiple areas.

      Jay Alton
      Jay Alton Recording

      What is it like to do what you love every single day of your life?  Just ask Music Tech grad, Jay Alton. Jay is now one of the most in-demand recording engineers and producers in the Central Ohio area. Jay doesn't work at one studio – he works at all of the them!  He has built his career as a freelance engineer by diversifying his skill set, running live sound, doing on-location audio, video editing, recording and producing, and composing. 

      Choose from two degrees based on your desired career path, realizing that both options offer the same Music Technology experience. From audio and media production to live sound, video production and multimedia and Web development to a convergent-media blend of all of the above, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. This is a hands-on approach to learning that sparks your imagination and showcases your creativity—from the day you set foot on campus until the day you graduate.

      Truth is, students like you who dream about life in the recording studio can't get enough of our classes and recording spaces. That includes access to our five studios and a computer laboratory stocked with the latest software for recording, playback, mixing, analysis and editing. Cap it off with an internship and professional off-campus semester at the prestigious Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. And rest assured that you'll benefit from a diverse curriculum that prepares you for a career in several exciting areas, from film and radio to concerts, theaters, sports and more.

      Conservatory Admission and Audition Requirements

      Admission into Bachelor of Music in Music Technology program will require you to complete a two-part process to gain admittance to both Capital University and the Conservatory of Music.



    • Chad Loughrige

      Assistant Professor of Music


      Convergent Media Center
      Room 282

      (614) 236-6291

      • Biography

        Chad Loughrige is passionate about connecting students to professionals in the music technology industry. As head of the Music Technology program at Capital University, he strives to connect his students with experiential learning opportunities, from hands-on recording sessions to student-led workshops and presentations. Chad brings an eclectic set of personal experiences to the classroom. He has performed as a professional drummer for more than 20 years and works as a freelance audio engineer and audio consultant for regional and national artists. With degrees in Music and Instructional Media, Chad Loughrige shares his passion for music, technology and education with his students by staying heavily involved in the music industry and contributing to the pedagogical research of audio education.

      • Teaches

        Intermediate Recording Techniques
        MIDI Band (director)
        Team Recording
        Music Technology Senior Project

      • Degrees

        Master of Science in Instructional Media, Wilkes University
        Bachelor of Music in Music Industry Media, Capital University

    • Neal Schmitt

      Instructor of Music

      Neal Schmidt 600x600

      Convergent Media Center


      • Biography

        Neal Schmitt has been a part of the Columbus music scene as a live sound engineer, performer and producer for more than 20 years. Prior to embarking on his teaching career, Schmitt and his business partner opened Workbook Studio, a 3,200-square-foot, New York-style loft recording and performance space that was featured in EQ, Tape Op and Mix magazines. Workbook Studio recorded hundreds of the region’s most important acts and hosted benefit concerts, CD release shows and art openings, and served as the setting for two pilot episodes of a live music program.

        Today Schmitt teaches classes in web development, music technology and audio production. He is committed to developing immersive educational experiences that include student trips to Nashville, South By Southwest and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Schmitt believes in equipping his students with the correct tools, encouraging them to swing for the fences and using successes and failures as cherished teaching moments.

      • Teaches

        Introduction to Audio Electronics and Recording Techniques
        Interactive Multimedia and Web Development
        Team Recording
        Advanced Recording Techniques

      • Degrees

        Master of Science in Marketing and Communication, Franklin University
        Bachelor of Science in Communication with emphasis in Audio Production, Ohio University

    •  On the Couch

      On the Couch Music

      Xavier McAllister, currently a senior in the Music Technology program, has created an amazing showcase of local artists as part of his Music Tech Senior Project course. Using the tech and video production skills he learned at Capital, Xavier manages a group of four other talented Music Tech students to create a weekly video "on the couch" in Capital's Huntington Recital Hall. Xavier is already in talks about licensing his idea to a major production company.  

      Matt Price is Walking the Moon

      Matt PriceMatt Price graduated from Capital's Music Tech program with a passion for live sound.  He's run sound at Columbus' largest venues and managed the audio needs at one of Columbus' largest church organizations. You never know where you'll catch Matt these days, as he's now the front-of-house engineer for major label recording artists Bleachers, Magic Man, Walk the Moon and Morning Parade. Matt always keeps an open door on his experiences, and often connects personally with current Music Tech students interested in pursuing live sound as a career. 

      World-class education. Real-world experiences. Rewarding careers.

      Students in the Music Technology program are required to complete a six-week internship, and that's when careers really start to take shape. During the period from 2010 to 2014, Music Technology students at Capital participated in 178 internships generating 1,000 credit hours. These experiences included four international locations as well as 104 unique venues in 18 states, from Clear Channel and PromoWest Productions to the Chicago Recording Company, Dell Computers and more.

      A 2010 graduate, Jim Cantrell, is living proof that internships really can make a difference. Prior to studying at Capital, he played in bands and wasn't sure if he wanted to perform or if he preferred working on the technical side of things. At Capital, he further developed his love of the technical aspect and interned with The Columbus Jazz Arts Group, Jazz Academy. "That's when you start to realize what the real world is all about," he said. "At that point, you can't wait to get out and start doing things."

      After completing the internship, Jim applied for the position of technical director at the newly renovated Lincoln Theater in Columbus, and landed the job only six months after graduation. His advice to undergraduates is pretty straightforward: "Don't be afraid to try anything. Get your hands dirty. And get as much experience as you can while you're in school."

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