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      Chamber Percussion Ensemble Invited to Perform at International Convention /

      The Capital University Chamber Percussion Ensemble has been selected to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in San Antonio, November 11-14. This performance will be a part of the PASIC Focus Day activities. Capital’s ensemble will appear among a variety of invited professional and collegiate ensembles, including those from such institutions as Northwestern University and the University of North Texas. This highly prestigious event provides students with a remarkable opportunity to not only represent their work here at Capital but also to gain a broader perspective of national artistic and professional performance expectations.

      “In all honesty, I'm just looking forward to having fun,” Cameron Leach, senior music education major and chamber percussion ensemble member, said about the upcoming trip. “Going to PASIC is always inspiring because you get to see the best performers in the world doing what they love, and this year I actually have the chance to be one of those performers along with some great friends! And while I'm sure I'll take away new ideas here and there (and spend too much money), nothing equates to spending time with your closest friends and sharing in the experience.”

      Leach, a 2015 recipient of the Presser Foundation Scholar Award in the Conservatory, was chosen to be a part of a select percussion ensemble chosen from among the nation’s top collegiate percussionists at PASIC. This ensemble will be formed, rehearsed, and featured at the Convention. Leach will have the opportunity to perform with other outstanding young musicians under the direction Michael Burritt, director of percussion at the Eastman School of Music.   

      “As far as the PASIC All-Star Ensemble, I am fortunate to have met or performed with about half of the members already through my experiences this past summer,” Leach said. “I was able to spend two weeks in both New Jersey and New Hampshire studying marimba, solo percussion and chamber music, and many of the people from these programs are in the ensemble too. As far as preparation, it's not any different than what I would do here at Capital; consistent preparation of my own part and careful study of the music as a whole.”

      While in Texas, under the direction of Capital Conservatory faculty members Eric Paton, Ryan Kilgore and Robert Breithaupt, Capital’s Chamber Percussion Ensemble will be musical ambassadors for Capital, giving several concerts in Austin and San Antonio in addition to its appearance at the Convention.

      “While I'm extremely excited about my two performances at PASIC, I am mostly looking forward to reconnecting with friends and teachers from across the country that I don't have the chance to see very often,” Leach said. “ In particular, while in Texas, Capital's Chamber Percussion Ensemble will do a series of performances at high schools in San Antonio and Austin before the convention. At Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio, I will be able to see Jon Merritt, my first percussion instructor from here in Ohio, who I don't get to see very often since he moved there a few years back. He is truly one of a kind, and his teaching is what keeps me inspired even now.”