Capital Grad Amber Hampton shares why she chose Capital | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


    • #CapFam Profiles: Remembering why I chose Capital

      Amber Hampton

      Amber E. Hampton
      Class of 2005
      Double major in Psychology and Spanish

      When comparing the differences between a mega-sized, metropolitan university and the cozy, walkable grounds of Capital University, Amber Hampton remembers the reasons she chose to come here.

      "I remember visiting my older cousin at Ohio State University while I was in high school and looking at her in utter surprise when she shared that we would need to take a bus to class," she recalls. " I chose Capital because of the stark difference in my campus visit."

      Since graduating from Capital in 2005, Amber has gone on to complete her master’s degree at NYU and is now working as an associate director in the Center of Leadership and Social Change at Florida State. Of course, getting around a campus via bus is not so uncommon anymore. However, when visiting Capital as a young, introverted high school senior, an overnight stay was all it took to seal the decision.

      "I was able to stay overnight with a current student and when I toured campus, and I was able to attend classes," Amber remembered. "It was in that overnight experience that I knew a small, intimate, student-focused environment was best for me."

      Entering college as a person of color, she also describes how the initial culture shock subsided once she got here.

      "Although there was a small number of students who identified as Black, Latino, or Asian on campus, I still felt a sense of community and that Capital was truly my college too. I was seen and called by my name, and did not simply disappear into the crowds.I felt prepared, supported, and ready for graduation from the connections I made with faculty and staff on campus."

      Growing up and having limited exposure to other cultures, Amber was also attracted to Capital's Study Abroad program. She credits this for being a quintessential experience in self-discovery.

      "My experience abroad taught me much about myself and the world. As someone who grew up in the city of Cleveland, my experience in Spain included expanding the types of foods I eat, going to the beach for the first time ever, and making lifetime friends who differ from me in race and religion. I cannot say it enough, I highly recommend the study abroad experience.”