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      When your backyard is more than 60,000 acres of wilderness in the heart of the Shawnee State Forest, a desire to complete two 40-hour wildland fire training classes may not seem unusual. But for Capital senior and economics major Aaron Kraft, spending your summer fighting wildland fires in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado isn’t exactly a requirement for his goal to attend law school. Instead, it’s a passion to serve; whether as a volunteer firefighter in Nile Township in Friendly, Ohio, or out west where wildfires threaten the lives and properties of his neighbors in distant states.

      When speaking with Aaron about his adventures this past summer, it becomes clear that he is deeply committed to service, giving back to his community, and being a role model for his younger brother.

      He came to Capital as a first-generation college student from Stout, Ohio, where his graduating class was around 120 students. Soon, he will graduate and look forward to entering law school, having served in leadership positions in Student Government, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, and College Republicans.

      Here’s what he had to say about what it mean to be a part of the Cap Fam:

      Aaron Kraft WildlandYou told us one of the reasons you came to Capital is because of the smaller classes and getting to know the professors. How have you interacted with faculty/staff?

      My previous role as the executive vice president of Student Government has allowed me to build a healthy relationship with upper administration. My professors post very flexible office hours for me to ask questions regarding material learned in class, as well as just talking to them about graduate school possibilities and life in general.

      Between your involvement in leadership, wildland fire training, your internship for the Division of Forestry, and preparation for law school, what has your time management been like?

       I’m a morning person. I wake up early and scribble on a notecard what I need to do for that given day. Unless everything is crossed off that list, I won’t go to sleep for the night until it is. I also keep a very detailed planner to manage classes, study habits, and a work schedule.

      What has been your favorite class?

      International Economics & Finance with Dr. Baker.

      What memories at Capital best describe what the Cap Family experience is like?

      Relay For Life 2015. This event showed how every student organization on campus can band together for the greater good of our community.

      Also, returning this fall to have my peers ask me how my summer was out in the western states fighting wildland fires. Capital University students keep tabs on one another even when we’re not in semester through social media. It made me feel like what I did was not only interesting from my perspective, but theirs as well.