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    • Devoted to making the world better by educating children

      Trevon Fout
      By Shawntel Knight


      Trevon Fout spent his first year at Capital in his residence hall, away from others. He did not like talking to other people and was very introverted. He decided to step out of the shadows sophomore year and become an orientation leader.

      “Being forced out of my comfort zone turned out to be a great experience making connections and helping incoming students open up,” Trevon says while thinking back on the experience. 

      “It was the best experience because I met so many friends in different organizations and actually joined Sigma Alpha Beta through being an orientation leader.”

      Today, he works in the Office of Student and Community Engagement and interacts with other students and faulty all the time.

      Trevon is currently a senior, majoring in Early Childhood Education. He is devoted to being positive and helping children grasp new concepts and ideas.

      “The spark to educate children started with seeing how my younger siblings grasped concepts,” Trevon says. “I feel the main thing with early childhood education is just helping children realize the powers and strengths they already have inside.”

      He enjoys teaching general education material such as math, reading, writing and social studies.

      “My heart is most fulfilled when I just see the energy, positivity, and joy from a child. I feel the happiest and the best because they have such an innocence that sometimes gets lost as you get older. “

      Trevon’s passion in life is to help children develop and grow into individuals who make a change and difference in the world.

      “I love helping people realize their capabilities and their exceptionalities, because everyone has a talent and everyone has a spark to make a difference, to accomplish their goals, and sometimes they just need a little more push.”

      Overcoming a fear of public speaking and joining many organizations were huge steps taken toward becoming a great educator for children.

      He understands the fear that often restricts people’s full potential.

      “Fear is just someone’s idea of limiting themselves, and when you get over that fear is when you can really learn to fly.”

      Trevon wants to inspire, challenge and help children become their best selves.  

      Q and A with Trevon Fout

      Hometown: Baltimore, Oh.
      Year: Senior
      Major: Early Childhood Education
      Organizations on Campus: Sigma Alpha Beta, CUES, Council for Exceptional Children, Pi Lambda

      Q: What is your best memory of capital so far?

      How can I choose? There are so many! If I had to pick it would be when my friends and I, our first year, sat in One Main Cafe for 6 hours just talking about life and what we thought the next four years were going to be like.

      Q: How about the most favorite class you've taken?

      Educational Psychology with Dr. Paige!

      Can you tell us one cool fact about yourself?

      I was once filmed for two days to be on the T.V. show Made on MTV.

      Q: How have you interacted with faculty/staff?

      The faculty and staff here at Capital are absolutely INCREDIBLE! I work in the Office of Student and Community Engagement, so I interact with faculty and staff on a daily basis.

      Q: Explain your experience with time management as a student?

      Time management is the biggest obstacle in my life that I still constantly try to master. I student teach, work, and am involved in many different organizations, so I have to keep track of what I am doing every hour of the day and stick to my schedule. I love to be organized, so my planners are my best friends. Yea that's right... I said planners!

      Q: What is your proudest moment at Capital?

      My proudest moment at Capital was being able to read at the Christmas Tree Lighting this past December. I love to be in the spotlight, but it was more than that for me. I am very self-conscious when I read aloud because I tend to stutter and mix up the words I am trying to read. Being able to have the support to read in front of over 100 people and nailing it was one of my proudest moments ever! If I hadn't had the support from my coworkers here at Capital and the amazing staff, I would not have been able to accomplish that milestone.