Capital University Completes Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit of Law School Facilities | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


    • Capital University Completes Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit of Law School Facilities

      High-performance LED lighting solutions advance sustainability initiatives and cut lighting energy use by more than 65 percent, creating a more productive learning environment. /

      Capital University recently completed a significant next step in its environmental sustainability initiatives, demonstrating why purple is the new green.

      As part of an extensive facilities initiatives, Capital implemented a high-efficiency LED lighting retrofit program throughout its Law School. The upgrade represents the university’s continued commitment to reduce its carbon footprint while ensuring high-quality learning environments for students and faculty.

      The program began with a comprehensive assessment by its energy solutions partner, Energy Source, tto develop a high-performance program that maximizes the university’s return on investment. The program focused on replacement of existing antiquated lighting, including fluorescent, metal halide and incandescent, with LED solutions that are expected to reduce energy use by more than 65 percent and achieve a payback of less than three years.

      “LED lighting will allow Capital University to maximize its energy efficiency goals and provide superior light quality for our students and faculty,” said Paul Matthews, Capital’s director of Facilities Management. "Energy Source acted as an invested partner, providing the extensive time and effort necessary, in particular throughout critical decision-making processes, to ensure a seamless and successful project. We look forward to continuing our efforts, capitalizing on leading technologies to become a more energy-efficient institution."

      The LED lighting plays a critical role in delivering superior light quality throughout classroom, library and conference areas. The superior lamp life, lasting 8-10 times longer than other lighting technologies, will significantly reduce the time Facility Management team members will spend on replacing broken lamps, allowing them to address other key preventative maintenance programs.

      “We are proud to work with Capital University, providing comprehensive turnkey solutions to help exceed their environmental and business goals,” said Gabriel Andreson, energy efficiency consultant for Energy Source. “The selection by Capital University, is a testament to the confidence in our commitment to quality and reliability that extends beyond our solutions to the service we provide at every point in a project.”