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    • New Podcast, Video Series Connects Incoming Students and Families to CapFam

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      Capital University has launched a new podcast and video series today to better connect accepted students and families who are in their final stage of college selection with the faces and voices of CapFam.

      CapChat is a 10-episode podcast and video series that connects you to the faces, voices and stories of CapFam. We help you tap into CapFam, the network of thousands working together to help each other succeed. Recorded in the WXCU studio in Capital’s Convergent Media Center, the show is a powerful purple display of CapFam talent. Created, produced, recorded, edited and hosted by alumni, current students and staff, each episode features guests – typically a student paired with a faculty member or administrator – who share their Capital perspectives on top-of-mind topics for listeners.

      “This is the stage in the admission cycle when students and families are making their final decisions about choosing Capital, so it’s important to reinforce the value of Capital,” Admission Director Garien Hudson explained. “We believe so strongly in the power of CapFam that we created a way for students to tap into CapFam directly and authentically. We want them to form real connections with us and with each other, so they’ll see themselves as part of our community.”

      Clip: Why Emily chose Capital

      Hear why co-host Emily Solinger '16 chose Capital in this short clip from the first episode of CapChat.

      Some CapChat episodes include:

      • Choose Your Own (Major) Adventure – with Eric Anderson, director of Career Development, and Moriah Reichert ’19, religion major
      • We Learn Without Boundaries, a two-episode series with Dr. Keirsten Moore and Seth Martin ’19, communication and Spanish major, and Dr. Stephanie Gray Wilson and Ariana Shannon ’19, biochemistry and chemistry major
      • Student Success is a Team Sport, a three-part series with Athletics Director Roger Ingles and student-athlete Joe Eskra ’22, nursing major; Diversity and Inclusion Director Almar Walter and Ashlee Freeman ’19, business management/pre-law major; Dean of Engagement and Success Deanna Wagner and Ishan Thapa ’20, music major; and University Pastor Drew Tucker and Morgan Walker ’19

      Hosts for the weekly series are John Honaker ’10, (music technology); Mary Clare Kunkel, a sophomore majoring in film and media production; and Emily Solinger ’16, admission counselor. Recording, filming, editing and producing the show with Honaker are Brian Skeel ’14 (music technology), who also created the show’s music, “You Can Count on Us,” and Grant Kendricks ’18 (music technology).

      Whether you’re a podcast listener, or you prefer video, you’ll find CapChat wherever you subscribe to podcasts, and on the #CapChatShow playlist of our YouTube Channel. New episodes will be released each Wednesday through mid-May. So subscribe, watch, listen, and most importantly, share CapChat and help others tap into CapFam – the network of thousands helping each other succeed.

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