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Performance Management

  • Job Descriptions

    Job descriptions are key to communicating job duties and expectations, and serve a vital role in the performance management process. Human Resources is here to assist you in crafting legal, effective and comprehensive job descriptions and ensuring that University core values and expectations enter into each description. To get the process of designing a new position started, or to revise an existing one, complete a Job Description Questionnaire (DOC). Human Resources will take the information and transfer it into the University's standard job description format and forward for your approval. 

    Performance Reviews

    It is important for managers to give regular performance feedback and establish clear lines of communication with their employees. Ongoing feedback should clarify expectations, standards, and perceived performance throughout the year, and bring to light the issues that may contribute to or distract from achieving those goals. Annual performance reviews are expected to be completed for each support staff and administrator. Contact the Human Resources Office for more details.