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Student Government

  • The Role of CUSG 

    The main functional roles of CUSG are to fund student organizations, represent the student body and serve as the liaison between the student body and the administration. Each year, Capital University provides Student Government a budget which is controlled by the Legislative and Executive Branches. With it, we fund service learning projects, student organization-sponsored campus activities, charity fundraisers, concerts, and speakers. Our hope is that with our financial contribution and efforts, students will have the means to enrich their Capital experience with meaningful activities in accordance with the University's mission to inspire life-long learners. We also hope that our campus continues to grow and to improve with each incoming class.

    As the voice of the undergraduate student population of nearly 3,000, the 30+ member Student Senate makes decisions, which impact the academic and cultural environment of our small campus community. Through resolutions, we suggest policy reform, improvements to buildings and information technology, and academic program reform.

    Here is just a short list of how Student Government has affected our campus community in the past five years; check our Public Records page to see our recent legislation

    • Increased Organizational Funding 
    • Phillip Phillips Concert
    • Library Exam Treats
    • Academic building improvements in Ruff and Battelle
    • Revision of the Residence Life Visitation Policy
    • Approval of new student organizations

    Get Involved in Senate

    CUSG is always looking for ideas. The best way to engage in the Capital community is to think critically about the rigor of our academic programs, the effectiveness of our administration and student services, the quality of campus life, and the level of satisfaction of the student experience. Please visit us in the Student Government Office in the campus center or email us with your questions, concerns, or ideas about Capital to or follow us on Twitter @SG_Capital.

    Each fall and spring, the student body elects Senators along with both a President and Vice-President to serve SG in the following academic year. During the school year, it isn't uncommon that positions become available on the Senate.