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America Reads Tutor

Level 3

Level 3
Often require supervisory responsibilities and independent organization and planning
Pay Rate: $10.50


SCE-America Reads


America Reads is a nationwide literacy project with the goal of teaching the majority of children to read well and independently by the end of the third grade. Tutors will work with students in after-school programs who, in most cases, are performing below their expected academic level. Tutors will work regularly with the same students to allow a relationship between tutor and student to be built which will allow for greater learning potential for the student.


Major Responsibilities • Assist the site staff to assess the needs of the children and to determine how best to address those needs • Engage with students in 1:1 or group academic activities • Build confidence in students while providing academic support • If requested, lead a session with an academic activity in your skill set (to be determined by site directors) • Attend the following trainings: • Welcome Training- Mid-September, Date TBD • On-site Training- arranged by site director during your first week of tutoring • Reflection- 1 per month, Dates TBA • Assist with other needs at your site as a secondary responsibility Performance Expectations, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Ability to connect with a younger student(s) in a 1:1 or group environment • Possess strong organizational skills • Strong work ethic with demonstrated punctuality, dependability, and responsibility • Ability to become familiar with the site, it’s policies and it’s procedures • Ability to become familiar with and follow University policies and procedures • Maintain necessary confidentiality of students


• Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above (First year students must present a minimum high school GPA of 3.0) • Commitment to tutoring at minimum 3 hours, at maximum 15 hours per week • Commitment to tutoring at least one day per week. • Ability to take initiative of projects, think creatively and critically and accomplish tasks • Past tutoring experience or work with children preferred


Tutors must arrange their own transportation to the sites. The Office of Student and Community Engagement will work with tutors to arrange carpool schedules, provide COTA (public transportation), and will try to ensure that transportation is not the reason students cannot act as tutors. Once your application has been accepted as an America Reads tutor, you will be contacted to discuss sites and tutoring times. Please note: most shifts range 2:30 - 6:30pm.


Tristen Davis




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