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Work Study Job Details

Long Term Peer Mentor

Level 2

Level 2
Advanced skills needed with independent organization
Pay Rate: $10.25


Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Peer Mentoring Program (Long Term) (Level 3 position re-assigned as Level 2; accompanied by requisite reduction of responsibilities - 08/31/15.)


The Peer Mentor Program focuses on helping entering students 1st year students acclimate to Capital via a long-term mentoring role. Peer mentors will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and closer relationships with entering students while creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Training: Co-lead a team of participants during Smooth Transitions -Establish foundations for a mentoring relationship. -Make yourself available to each student as a knowledgeable resource of Capital/ODI and life as a student who promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Staff Meeting with Student Coordinator for the duration of Smooth Transitions. -Help with the planning and execution of the programs and events that take place during Smooth Transitions. -Alert members of the Diversity & Inclusion Office of potential and actual difficulties participants may encounter in order to solicit help. Fall Semester: -Notify Assistant Director of ODI of any student who is having significant academic and/or personal difficulties. -Attend regular meetings with Student Coordinator. -Assist with programming Smooth Transitions follow-ups (II,III, etc.) -Coordinate monthly meetings with your assigned group. -Make an active effort to involve students in campus activities and events; in short, help them become engaged members of the Capital University community. Monthly training meetings with Co-Coordinators and ODI Director.


Selection of Peer Mentors will partially be based on willingness to serve. It will require that student staff be committed to helping younger students by listening and being attuned to their needs and questions. It also requires that the Peer Mentor be aware of the appropriate resources to use on Capital's campus. As the title implies, staff in this position will be expected to mentor younger students and invest in their success at Capital. In preparation for their responsibilities, Peer Mentors undergo training. They participate fully in Smooth Transitions and in the training prior to it. Peer Mentors will continue to have close interaction with the students throughout the fall semester.


Duration: August - December (fall semester) (dependent on dates set for Smooth Transitions) Training: Two days in August prior to Smooth Transitions; monthly in-service training sessions throughout the fall semester.


Mikayla Carter