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Work Study Job Details

Social Media Intern

Level 3

Level 3
Often require supervisory responsibilities and independent organization and planning
Pay Rate: $10.50


Integrated Marketing Communications


Social Media Interns support the University's Integrating Marketing and Communications team to create and implement social media and marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and engagement. Other general marketing work may also be a part of this role.


•Create content for social media that is trendy, engaging, modern, unique, and authentic •Assist with creativity, feedback, and insights across social media channels •Manage to ensure social media content drives social buzz: sentiment, engagement, mentions, and impressions •Actively participate in the ideation phase of campaign brainstorming, ensuring that the best big ideas are pushed forward with social media in mind •Identify opportunities to test new content, join conversations and implement ideas •Create engaging videos and content on owned social media channels for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. •Work with IMC team to ensure that the social media vision is upheld across all social platforms


•Prior experience in social media planning and management preferred, but not required •Knowledge of preferred social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter •Experience in original content creation is highly recommended. •Personal laptop and cell phone are suggested •Strong interpersonal and communication skills •Ability to work across organizational systems •Show initiative, be self-motivated, and a creative thinker



Susan Hunter