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Work Study Job Details

Project indiGO! Student All-Star

Level 3

Level 3
Often require supervisory responsibilities and independent organization and planning
Pay Rate: $10.50




Capital launched Project IndiGo! to bring together years of work focused on student learning, development, and success. To make the next stage of Project IndiGo! a success, we are building a Student All-Star team to disseminate innovation, learning, and teaching skills to faculty, staff, and students; we want EVERYONE on campus to get the most out of the iPad and Apple Pencil devices!


•Provide “open hour” published times for student drop-in for help with: •Content based needs (use of iPad built-in tools, app-specific questions, etc.) •Minor technical assistance (pairing devices, connecting to WiFi, etc.) •Cataloging and working through issues and requests (“I wish I could do [x] but the iPad doesn’t seem to…”) •Provide opportunities for group training on a given topic •Contribute to the iLearn course “Project IndiGO! Self-paced iPad Tutorials” with new sections •Participate in monthly All-Star meetings •Work with Faculty/Staff All-Stars to share information, document challenges, bridge gaps between instruction/learning, etc. •Other responsibilities as needed/discovered


•Comfort level interacting both with other students as well as faculty and staff. There will be connections made between Student All Stars and all areas of campus; being comfortable “training” faculty and staff is important! •Flexibility and creativity - the students selected for this role will be the first in the role! We don’t yet know all the ways the position can be utilized so we’ll need your flexibility and creativity! •Good communication skills - you’ll need to be able to communicate concepts as well as training/new skills to others. Being able to be a great listener is important, also!



Daniel Parker