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Worship at Trinity

  • Why We Worship 

    God is Worthy
    We worship because God is worthy of worship. We worship because Word, Sacrament, and the Gathering are the places where Jesus has explicitly promised to be with us … so while Jesus is free to be present in other places (sleeping, reading, studying in the library, etc.) there is wisdom in this idea: “If we want to be with Jesus, it makes sense to show up in the places where Jesus has promised to be!” Worship is one of those.

    Worship is also part of formation for leadership. In worship we learn how to lead and to follow. Most important, worship in this community teaches us that we are truly and fully worshiping even when we are leading! We come to “check out” how colleagues, visitors, pastors, bishops, and other guests exercise leadership and give public expression. Because liturgy at Trinity involves all members of the community, everyone gains practical experience and has the chance to experiment with a range of worship forms and styles.

    trinity capital worship

    Worship is the most reliable time and place to see each other. Faculty, students, and staff are all invited and expected and most are regular in their attendance. So in the pure face-to-face sense, worship is a community event. Worship also forms community in this way: it is here that we nurture one another in our vocations. Even acknowledging the inevitable presence of critical ears and eyes, we rejoice to see and support colleagues and friends who are preaching, playing music, leading, etc.


    1. Doxological … the first thing about worship is this: We worship because God is worthy of praise
    2. Trinitarian
    3. Evangelical
    4. Biblical
    5. Celebrative
    6. Reverent
    7. Liturgical (day by day worship follows traditional patterns more often than not; season by season we follow the lectionary and the liturgical year)
    8. Reflective of the worship life in our constituent church bodies
    9. Owned by all members of the community
    10. Formational


    The Trinity Lutheran Seminary community gathers for worship at 10:00 a.m. each Monday through Thursday when classes are in session, usually in Schenk Chapel or the Gloria Dei Worship Center. The Tuesday 10:00 a.m. service is a 55-minute Eucharist (Lord’s Supper). The Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:00 a.m. services are normally 20-25 minutes in length. On these days, the worship may be a service of Morning Prayer, a Service of the Word with preaching, or a contemplative service such as Taizé. 

    We also celebrate the opportunities through Embrace Ministries and the Kerns Religious Life Center of Capital University: Every Monday at 12:30, students, faculty, and staff gather together for thirty minutes of Mindfulness and Meditation in Stegemoeller Lounge. Every Thursday at 9:09PM, Embrace hosts Candlight Worship, a band-led event centered around praise, prayer, peaching, and conversation. All are welcome at these University-sponsored meetings.

    For any questions about Trinity Lutheran Seminary worship, contact Pastor Drew Tucker at dtucker@capital.edu.