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  • English as a Second Language

    A solid understanding of English can open the door to a successful career. Capital University's rigorous ESL program will help you build the skills you need to:


    • Qualify for admission to a U.S. college or university
    • Advance your international communication and business interests  


    As a student in the full-time intensive program, you will study English four hours each day, five days a week. You will take classes in reading, writing, listening and speaking, and grammar with experienced and qualified instructors.

    When you arrive, you will be tested and placed in one of four levels of instruction, depending on your English language proficiency. Each level lasts one semester (16 weeks).

    • Level 1 – elementary 
    • Level 2 – intermediate 
    • Level 3 – high-intermediate 
    • Level 4 – advanced 


    Note: Capital’s ESL Program does not teach beginning-level students. If you speak almost no English, Capital's ELS program may not be a good fit for you. Level 1 (elementary) students must be able to speak, understand, write and read simple English sentences before coming to Capital. Students whose do not meet this standard will be advised to find another program in which they can be successful.

    ESL Term Dates

    Summer 2014 (eight-week term): Orientation begins May 7. The term ends July 3.

    Beginning in fall 2014, all ESL sessions will be a full semester (16 weeks):

    • Fall 2014: Orientation begins August 19. The semester ends December 11. 
    • Spring 2015: Orientation begins December 30, 2014. The semester ends April 28, 2015. 
    • Summer 2015: Orientation begins May 6. The semester ends July 28.  


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    Tuition and Fees for ESL students 

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    ESL Student Handbook 

    What Makes Capital's ESL Program Great?

    • Our ESL classes are small, so you get plenty of personal attention.
    • All of the ESL instructors are native speakers of English with at least a master's degree and an average of more than 10 years of teaching experience.
    • Capital organizes cultural and community field trips throughout Columbus to give you a richer understanding of how Americans live.
    • Our Conversation Partner Program matches you with an American student so you can perfect your conversation skills.
    • Our standard tuition rates also apply to international students.
    • If you need any kind of advice or assistance, our International Education Office is here to help.

    Quick Facts About Our Program

    • You don't have to take the TOEFL to be accepted as an ESL student at Capital. (You will have the opportunity to take it as part of the final exam for all ESL levels.)
    • Once you arrive on campus, we will test your skills so we can start you at the right level.
    • When you reach the advanced level, you can:
      • Take one undergraduate class at Capital in an area of your interest (with approval from the ESL director and course instructor)
      • Apply to Capital University as a graduate or undergraduate student once you've met the language proficiency requirements  

    What Will I Learn as a Capital ESL Student?

    At Capital University, ESL students at every level will build:

    • Speaking skills
    • Listening comprehension
    • Reading comprehension
    • Knowledge of English grammar and structure
    • Writing (composition) skills
    • Understanding of American culture
    • Library and other research techniques