• Academics at Capital University
Academics at Capital University
  • Your life and education at Capital will be interesting, engaging and often exciting. But everything we do, from freshman orientation to your senior seminar, is ultimately intended to prepare you for a successful life when you graduate. We’re not just talking about your career, either – we mean your relationships, your outlook on the world and your place in the community. And that’s quite a future to look forward to.

    Ask. Think. Lead.

    Ask. Simply put, make your voice heard. Free inquiry is central to the way we learn at Capital. With open debate comes greater understanding.

    Think. But think critically. Constantly questioning assumptions is a skill that every student learns – and one that will serve our graduates throughout their lives.

    Lead. With clear goals comes determination to forge a path toward them. Capital creates leaders whose work ethic is matched only by their dreams.

    Faculty/Student Relationships

    Maybe you’ve heard of the “ivory tower.” We’ve never seen one on our campus. Our professors are accessible, possibly because they run every classroom, not TAs. Maybe because they are as passionate about teaching as they are about research. Perhaps because of our low student-to-faculty ratio.

    We just think it’s easier to learn from someone you can easily engage in conversation.

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