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Computer Science Major
  • Capital's computer science courses address a broad range of topics with the goal of exposing majors to the important issues in both software and hardware. Computer science majors begin their studies with two introductory courses focusing on algorithm design, basic software engineering fundamentals and elementary data structures. These courses are the foundation for more advanced studies in such areas as digital logic, computer architecture, operating systems, parallel computing, database and computer graphics. Many majors elect additional courses in such areas as advanced computer graphics, various languages and high performance scientific computing.

    During their junior and senior years, majors participate in a departmental seminar that features student research and presentations.

    Course requirements for the computer science major 

    Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics


    Computing technology changes rapidly and creative new applications of computers are continually being discovered. Consequently, it is critical that computer science students be educated in a manner that emphasizes flexibility, adaptability and an appreciation for the importance of lifelong learning.

    Capital's computer science professors strive to provide such emphasis by stressing those theoretical aspects of computer science that form the foundation of in-depth understanding and creativity. Theoretical work is supplemented by extensive hands-on experience with state-of-the-art hardware and software in the department's unique Advanced Computational Laboratory.