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Trinity Summer Music 1500X750

Summer Learning Opportunities at Trinity

Intro to Seminary Courses and Continuing Education!

Summer learning opportunities are perfect for individuals thinking about whether seminary might be the right next step, professionals, musicians, clergy, worship leaders, and everyone else interested in learning! Housing during summer courses is available on-campus for $22/night, plus tax. 

Course Descriptions Summer 2023

Educational Ministry

June 5-9 (9am-4pm), Mary Hess, 3 credit hours

An examination of the theological and educational foundations and basic questions that shape the congregation’s ministry of education. Attention will be given to developing teaching skills and to the leadership dimensions of teaching. Includes in-class teaching experience.

Preaching Dialectically

June 5-9 (9am-3pm), Kevin Dudley, 2 credit hours

Students will have opportunity to further develop preaching skills, with a focus on the dialectic as a homiletical tool in sermon development. Examines various approaches to sermon development and Gospel proclamation with special attention to the word of Gardner c. Taylor.

Music & Worship in the African American Tradition

June 12-16 (10am-4pm), Raymond Wise, 2 credit hours

A study of the music and worship forms of the African-American Christian tradition with emphasis on historical development, an understanding of the African American aesthetic, and practical applications for congregational music and worship.

Introduction to the Bible

June 26-30 (10am-5pm), Rachel Wrenn, 3 credit hours

Covers the whole of the Bible. Students will experience the Bible deeply using music, art, plays, and hymns. This study will ground students in the arc of the biblical narrative, helping them to see the Bible as a Story that has a beginning, middle, and end.

Getting Registered

Current Students - If you are currently enrolled in the university, please use myCap.

Auditors – Please use our online application. For assistance registering for summer courses, contact A.J. Minney at

Summer Course Schedule

We look forward to seeing you this summer! 

Courses may be taken for graduate credit or audit. All courses meet Monday – Friday.

Dates   Credit Audit 65+ Audit
June 5-9 Educational Ministry $1,968 $315 $157.50
June 5-9 Preaching Dialectically $1,312 $210 $105
June 12-16 Music & Worship in the African American Tradition $1,312 $210 $105
June 26-30 Introduction to the Bible $1,968 $315 $157.50