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    Academics at Capital

  • Capital University serves a diverse student body of nearly 3,500, including traditional undergraduates, students who’ve come back to college to complete their bachelor’s degree or get a second one, graduate students and those seeking a specific license or certification. We deliver undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences, humanities and professions. For those driven to do more, we also offer graduate degrees in law, nursing, business and music education. That’s 60 majors, 51 minors, four undergraduate degrees and 10 graduate degrees in these areas: 

     Majors, Minors and Programs  

    At Capital, we partner with you to forge a focused path to your future—a pathway that begins with your dreams and culminates with you becoming the person and the professional you want to be. Each of our 60 majors and 51 minors offers a distinct focus, yet you will find endless interconnections between your chosen discipline and related — or seemingly unrelated — areas of study. 


    Thousands of lives have been transformed by what happens in our classrooms, where learning is an active process. Where students and professors are highly engaged in the exchange, using teaching and learning practices proven to have the highest impact on learning.

    Practices like first-year seminars that teach you how to be successful in college. Practices like internships, learning communities, undergraduate research and capstones. Where there’s less traditional lecture and more rolling up your sleeves and finding answers with your classmates and professors at your side. Where the latest in academic technology prepares you for class before you walk through the door, and then waits to show you more examples of what you’ve just learned — in the environment of your choice and on your own time.

    You don’t just memorize what you need to know for the next exam. You acquire new knowledge and experience that will help you navigate the next educational and professional challenge. You don’t just master the material on paper. You get experience (and a portfolio) doing the work. We also believe learning takes place outside of the classroom through leadership in student organizations, service-learning and diverse and global learning through study abroad.



    Advocating for Student Success

    The Capital education is active and rigorous. But it's also supportive.

    Whatever your program, we advocate for your success by partnering with you while you find your place as a learner, professional and citizen. Your student success advocates aren’t just your professors. Every employee at Capital is a student success advocate. It may not be in their job title, but it’s everyone’s goal.

    Discovering your passion, abilities and goals — in college and in life — takes time, curiosity and a willingness to explore. There are bound to be some challenges along the way. But we'll help you navigate them with these resources and more. All you have to do is ask. Contact Student Success at or 614-236-7200 for help with any other issue that’s keeping you from reaching your full potential at Capital.

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    Center for Health and Wellness
    Student and Community Engagement

    General Education

    Capital was founded in 1830, and the way we teach and learn today is heavily influenced by our Lutheran heritage. Our academic approach is rooted in the values of free inquiry, vigorous learning, critical thinking and relentless questioning.

    Believing our community is strengthened by those who bring different perspectives, we embrace diversity and inclusion, welcoming people of all faiths, cultures, traditions, experiences, backgrounds and identities.

    Liberal Education: It’s about empowerment, not politics

    We educate broadly to build your knowledge and expand your world view. We also educate you specifically to refine your skills and talent in a particular field. And we prepare you to navigate complexity, diversity and change. So that you will be empowered as a citizen to do good in the world. And you’ll be prepared as a professional to do well in your field. This balance of liberal studies with the professional and career fields is central to our university learning goals

    Core Competencies

    You won’t find an educational core like Capital’s anywhere else. At Capital, you’ll be introduced to college life and taught how to be successful at it in our first-year seminar. Next, regardless of your major you’ll explore the world through its cultures, religions and traditions of thought to broaden your worldview and prepare you for success in a global economy. Finally, you’ll learn to carefully consider the impact of your decisions and actions on others, accepting accountability and employing processes of ethical thought to your daily life and work.

    Academically, you’ll refine your skills of reading and writing, speaking and listening, and quantitative reasoning. And you will become well-rounded and more knowledgeable about the world and your place in it through global awareness, cultural diversity, fine arts, social science, natural science and the humanities. Explore these in our undergraduate bulletin.

    University Learning Goals

    Capital will prepare you for a meaningful life and rewarding work through undergraduate and graduate programs that balance liberal studies with professional fields. We blend traditional learning with student-centered active learning to help you apply classroom theory to the real world, whether you're conducting research in a lab with your professor, solving problems as a group in class, tackling a project for your internship, or organizing and leading a service trip.

    You'll develop the skills leaders say are needed most in the workforce and in the world: critical thinking, logical reasoning and clear communication. You'll also discover your leadership and service potential. You'll become an independent, lifelong learner, and you'll strengthen the sense of values that will guide your decision-making long after you graduate.

    Finally, we'll help you develop a sense of values that guide personal decision making, develop intercultural competencies, and strengthen your ability to work in diverse groups.