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  • Chances are, when you think of the people who have significantly impacted your life, there's a teacher near the top of your list. That's because teaching is bigger than the periodic table of elements, proper sentence structure and the Pythagorean Theorem.

    Good teachers help students develop a love of learning. They empower students to make connections between themselves and their world. They simplify the complex and demystify the unknown.

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    Majors, Minors and Concentrations

    Primary Childhood Education (PK-5) • Intervention Education • Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-9) • Multi-Age Education (K-12) • Adolescent to Young-Adult (Grades 7-12) • Science Education

    Good teachers open the door to discovery and create new possibilities. For every student. For everyone. For the future.

    Capital's education program has a long and celebrated history of preparing teachers who change lives. Here, you’ll acquire the knowledge, refine the character and practice the skills you'll need to help students develop to their full potential.

    You'll have the advantage of approaching teacher education from Capital's liberal-arts perspective. That foundation will help you think critically and logically, analyze data and solve problems — whether you’re decoding a learning barrier for one student or an entire class. And it will give you a firm grasp of historical and cultural contexts that are so relevant in our global society and diverse classrooms.

    As you focus exclusively on your major, you’ll be taught by highly experienced and engaged education professors. You'll blend rich classroom theory with relevant and challenging field experiences as early as your sophomore year. And you may even choose to take advantage of our intercultural student-teaching program — one of only a handful of programs like it in the country, where education majors complete their student-teaching requirement in one of 17 countries outside the United States.

    When you graduate with an education degree from Capital, you’ll be prepared to use theory, research and reflection to teach, lead and serve diverse communities of learners. You'll be highly qualified, classroom-experienced and ready to make your mark as a teacher. 

    Explore our programs, licensure and post-licensure options. Find out how Capital can help you improve lives and open doors through teaching.