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    Master of Divinity

    Provides preparation for the ordained ministry of the church

    The Master of Divinity degree prepares individuals for the ordained ministry of the church. Courses at Trinity offer students the opportunity to integrate the various disciplines of theology, their personal and spiritual growth and their contextual experience. Ultimately, students will engage in structured field work in ministry settings where they apply their concepts and practices learned in the classroom.

    THE 2+2 PROGRAM for completing the Master of Divinity degree is unique to Trinity, allowing for flexibility in life, study and work balance. During the first two years of full-time study, students take classes on campus and work at their contextual education sites. The chaplaincy experience is typically completed in the summer between the first and second years. During the second two years of full-time status, students live and work a their internship sites in a variety of church settings.

    SPANISH FOR MINISTRY incorporates language skills with an understanding of culture, tradition, music and worship, allowing students to meet the missional needs of a growing U.S. Hispanic population.

    JANUARY TERM offers students the opportunity to concentrate in a particular area of study, often engaging in a global ministry experience.


    84 semester hours of coursework. Generally, students earn 60 hours their first two years and 24 hours their second two years.

    • 49-52 hours in core courses, including 12 hours in the Bible Division (15 if the student needs to take Greek), 12 hours in the History-Theology-Society Division, and 25 hours in the Ministry Division.
    • At least one elective course in each of the following areas: Bible, Systematic Theology, Interreligious Understanding, the Church in the World, Ministry, and Music in Ministry.
    • At least two January Term courses.
    • Students will take enough elective hours, chosen from offerings in any division, to equal a total of 84 hours.


    Greek is a prerequisite for M.Div. study. Students who do not have the prerequisite may take Greek I for 3 hours of credit.


    For the sake of the mission of the church, all graduates of the Master of Divinity program at Trinity Lutheran Seminary are able to:

    1. Use appropriately the resources of scripture and the church’s historical and theological tradition.
    2. Proclaim and communicate effectively the gospel in oral and written forms.
    3. Read and interpret critically contexts of mission and ministry.
    4. Provide capable pastoral leadership in both ministry settings and the public realm.
    5. Engage competently and sensitively a diverse and globalized world.
    6. Demonstrate a healthy and resilient faith.


    1. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at a certified CPE site. CPE programs typically involve 400 hours of clinical experience and may be completed in the summer, usually in the summer between the first and second years.
    2. Leadership in Context (LIC) in the student’s first two years of study. It involves a contextual part of 6-8 hours per week of supervised exposure to, and experience in, pastoral ministry.
    3. Internship. In the 2+2 curricular plan, students spend their first two years in a part-time supervised pastoral ministry setting, while continuing to take classes part-time. Students who are seeking ordination in the ELCA must successfully complete internship. Students who are seeking ordination in other church bodies are expected to fulfill contextual education requirements both of Trinity's Master of Divinity and those of the church body under whose auspices they are preparing for ministry. The Director of Contextual Education will work to interpret with the student and his or her church body how all or some of the components of Trinity's 2+2 model fulfill those requirements. In rare instances, an M.Div. student will have already fulfilled the internship requirement prior to coming to Trinity. The 24-hour senior sequence of summer, J-term, online and intensive courses is designed so that it can be completed over a single 12-month period.