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April 23, 2020

By Capital Communications Team

CapChat: Living on a College Budget

CapChat Season 2 continues with Episode 6 and ways to be financially smart. Sophomore Taylor Adams teams up with John Brown, Capital’s director of Financial Aid, to talk about paying for college, saving for life, and understanding the importance of creating a budget. As a student who has three on-campus jobs, Taylor shares tips about how she has been able to budget for her Capital education while starting to set herself up to feel financially secure after graduation. You’ll learn about scholarship options, how to find a work-study job, and why it’s important to maximize your meal plan – including giving your taste buds a treat with Cap Bucks as one of your dining options. John offers simple ideas about budgeting that will give students a sense of control over their money and teach them how to prioritize the spending of their hard-earned dollars. He also talks about the Financial Aid staff’s commitment to working with families to help them understand various ways of paying for a Capital education.