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April 09, 2020

By Capital Communications Team

CapChat: Science Majors and Careers

This season of CapChat brings all things science to Episode 5, showcasing how Capital University students and professors connect science to everyday life. Dr. Christine Anderson, associate professor of zoology, joins biology major Emma Young to talk about specific fields of study, growing careers, scientific research, service opportunities, and tackling the “wicked, sticky problems” that impact us globally. Capital creates unique learning opportunities in the classroom, the field and the lab, whether a student is interested in forensic science, medicine, conservation biology, hydrology, genetics or other areas of study. Dr. Anderson also talks about her role with the University’s Primmer Outdoor Learning Center in Logan, Ohio. The Primmer property provides hands-on opportunities for students to make a difference in areas such as forest fragmentation on small mammals; bringing back lost tree species; restoring prairies; and the human impact on biodiversity. You’ll also learn about opportunities for funded research, study abroad, internships, and on-campus paid positions as animal technicians and teaching assistants.