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March 21, 2022

By Erin Luellen, Emerging Media '21

Greek Life

A sense of community and the vast array of opportunities for involvement were key reasons I chose to attend Capital. Before joining the CapFam, I had a small sense of what Greek life was. My oldest sister had been a member of Pi Phi Epsilon, the local social sorority on campus. Her stories and lifelong friends, especially those who stood next to me at her wedding, encouraged me to go through recruitment. It was seeing those relationships that gave me the push I needed to sign up for Formal Recruitment during my freshman year.

A three-day process, Formal Recruitment allowed me to get to know each of the sororities on campus. Each day, according to our preferences and how well we meshed with the sisters, one sorority was eliminated from our visits. At the end of the long weekend, I found my home in Delta Phi Epsilon. I saw myself, and the woman I hoped to shape myself into, in many of the women.

New member period immediately followed Formal Recruitment, which allowed me to learn about the values and responsibilities of becoming a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. My membership included holding myself accountable as a scholar, sister, and my own personal growth.

Joining a social sorority may feel like a lot of pressure, but I quickly found that the organizations were structured to help you connect and grow. The social aspect was a huge plus, but there was a deeper level of commitment that would ultimately enrich my experience. I was able to make new friends within my organization and many others. I was encouraged to serve my campus and the surrounding community. Suddenly there were familiar faces everywhere and connections that would grow well past graduation.

My time within my sorority has given me my best friends, my little (as well as a big and grand-little), professional connections, and an ever-present support system. Whether or not Greek Life is for you, you can be sure there is an organization on campus ready to welcome you into their family!