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March 09, 2020

By Professor Neal Schmitt, Instructor of Music

Music Tech Spring Break: Berlin!

Ten Capital University Music Technology students, along with Instructors Chad Loughrige and Neal Schmitt, spent their 2020 Spring Break is Berlin, Germany. They visited prominent audio manufacturers Adam Audio and Neumann Microphones and spent the day with German composer Rainer Oleak, who has one of the most impressive “home” studios we’ve ever seen.

Side trips included taking high speed trains to Hamburg and Dresden. Students visited Professor Thomas Görne and his Music Technology department at The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, home to a two story 30.2 speaker immersive audio dome.  In Dresden, the group was given the VIP tour of the beautifully renovated KulturPalast and sat in on the Dresden Philharmonie rehearsal.

The group took in museums, snapped more photos of graffiti then you can imagine, ate amazing food, navigated the massive public transportation system and came away with a different understanding on the complicated history of the city and country. Monday morning of Week 9 came too quick!