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April 17, 2024

Watch: Celebrating 100 Years Capital Football

Milestones on and off the field are not merely markers of time, but also narratives of endurance, passion, and community. As the University celebrated a century of Capital Football, Dan Stemen ’16, multimedia content creator and videographer, embarked on a cinematic exploration.

“Full disclosure, I don’t come from an athletic background, so part of it was an idle curiosity on my part, wanting to be able learn more about something that has been going on the entire time I’ve been here. With that in mind, the 100th anniversary of Capital football felt like a great opportunity to learn about our history,” said Stemen.

“I wanted to be able to talk to the players, talk to the coaches, and be able to dig deeper into what they’re feeling and what they’re getting into each season. We’ve had a couple of rough seasons, and sometimes the score doesn’t tell the whole story.”

In terms of the documentary's impact, Stemen hopes that viewers will not only appreciate the football program's legacy but also feel inspired to rally behind the team’s ongoing efforts.

“The most apparent growth I had while making this documentary was that I learned more about football, which is very blunt. I learned about the rules, I learned about the expectations, and more importantly, I learned about just the effort that goes in behind the scenes. It’s not something that can be done lightly,” said Stemen. “Being able to step out there on Saturday afternoon or evening, you are really seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

Looking back, the mid-2000s seasons have emerged as a benchmark of success, setting a standard that resonated through the years. However, beyond the scorecards and victories, Stemen sought to unearth the deeper narratives that define the essence of Capital football.

“We had a very successful run in the early 2000s, so I wanted to find a way to reconnect with some of the people who are still very active in the program, and get them in front of the camera,” said Stemen. “The alumni that I talked to have a really strong community. A sense of dedication, not just to the program but to the people that make it up. It was a pivotal time in their lives. Regardless of where life took them something absolutely wonderful happened while they were a part of this program.”

Darrell Bailey, director, Athletics, expresses pride and humility, emphasizing the importance of preserving the program's legacy for future generations.

“Being the Director of Athletics during this time is exciting, as I’m sure the Director of Athletics before me would agree.  The video itself was so well done and to see/hear the comments of the players and alumni is great.  I am proud to be a small part of this big deal endeavor.  It is humbling to observe the commitment and pride from my vantage point,” said Bailey. 

“I truly hope that viewers can understand the pride that comes with not only being a member of the historic football program, but to be an alumnus of Capital University.  I would love for them to see it and think, ’I want to support both,’ so that there will be a reason to celebrate another 100 years of Capital University Football.”