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    Academic Success

  • Academic Success is here to help students succeed during their time at Capital and beyond and is designed to be beneficial for all students, regardless of skill level or ability, to provide individualized support for learners.

    Did you know that students who regularly participate in Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions generally earn higher course grades and withdraw less often than non-SI participants.

    No matter how talented you are, sooner or later you're going to have questions. Like how to solve a pesky equation, take notes or better focus in class. The office of Academic Success helps traditional undergraduate, graduate, and adult students to make the most of their learning experiences at Capital University.

    At Academic Success we have one goal: to help you succeed. We’ll give you the services you need to shine in the classroom, in every subject and at every level.

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      Peer Tutoring

      Sometimes it’s easier to relate to another student. Academic Success has trained Peer Tutors who were top students in the courses they tutor. They can help you:

      • Get a stronger grasp of subject-area concepts
      • Review materials
      • Prepare for exams
      • Learn how to learn

      Learn more about peer tutoring options.

      Academic Coaching

      College requires different skills than high school. You have to be a better time-manager, study more effectively and think in new ways.

      Academic Coaching provides individualized assistance to students in an effort to help them enhance their existing study habits and develop more effective study strategies and behaviors.  

      Our Academic Coaches can help you with:

      • Time management
      • Note taking
      • Textbook reading and comprehension
      • Exam preparation and test-taking
      • Critical thinking

      Supplemental Instruction

      Supplemental Instruction(SI) is an academic support program aimed at historically challenging courses and is designed to increase student performance and retention. SI provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class peer-facilitated study and review sessions facilitated by trained SI Leaders. 

      SI assistance is open to all students enrolled in the course regardless of ability. SI sessions integrate “how to learn” with “what to learn,” meaning that the focus is on discovering how to apply appropriate study strategies in addition to reviewing content material. Students who regularly participate in SI sessions generally earn higher course grades and withdraw less often than non-SI participants.

      Writing Center

      The Academic Success Writing Center employs peer Writing Consultants (and one professional staff member) to provide writing consultations with students to assist them throughout all phases of the writing process for all writing assignments in all courses. Writing Consultants assist students with brainstorming, creating a thesis, developing and organizing their ideas, drafting, and revising.

      Writing Center Goals: 

      • To help students become more confident and informed readers and editors of their own writing
      • To help students develop strategies for identifying and addressing areas for improvement in their writing
      • To guide students in utilizing the writing process to better develop their writing

      Study Strategies Resources

      Being successful in college requires becoming an expert learner, which means not just studying harder, but studying smarter. The resources here will help you develop improved study strategies using proven techniques that are essential for student success.