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      Capital University offers the premier marketing major in Columbus, Ohio.

      Our marketing major has been designed to offer students real world experience that employers will value. Every Capital marketing major will connect with the Central Ohio marketing business community and gain relevant marketing experience that will help build a competitive student resume.

       What you’ll learn  

      Capital marketing students will…
      • Work on Marketing Projects with Local Businesses.
        In Capital University’s signature marketing courses, students will directly work on marketing research, analysis, promotional campaigns, and marketing plans for local businesses.  Students will present their projects directly to business owners/representatives.  

      • Graduate with a Professional Marketing Portfolio
        Capital University marketing students will graduate with a portfolio of work (see outline below) that may be shared with prospective employers.  The portfolio will demonstrate to employers that Capital marketing graduates have the ability to immediately add value to their organizations. 
      • Capital Marketing Major Student Portfolio
        Focus Group Research Report for Live Client
        Situational Analysis and Marketing Plan Report for Live Client
        Promotional Plan for Live Client
        Marketing Plan for Public Company
        Creative Brief for Live Client
        Advertising & Promotion Plan Report for Live Client
        Internship Report
        Digital Marketing Certifications*
        *Assuming certification exams are passed  
      • Become Certified in Digital Marketing
        Capital University requires all marketing students to become trained in digital marketing: Google Analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) software, social media marketing, etc.  In fact, Capital requires eight hours of work in digital marketing and sales technologies because we know employers value this knowledge. Capital marketing students will complete the content necessary to earn digital marketing certifications.  Capital’s emphasis on digital marketing and certifications will uniquely prepare Capital marketing students for today's job market. 

      • Complete at Least One Marketing Internship with a Local Business.
        Capital marketing majors will gain marketing experience with a local business through our marketing internship program.  This experience will help students build their resumes and network with the local business community. 

      • Compete for the prestigious Moor Consultants Internship Program. 
        High performing marketing students will be able to compete for Capital’s exclusive Moor Consultants Internship Program.  Each year, 10 to 12 students will be placed in paid internships with local non-profits including Nationwide Children’s Hospital, American Heart Association, United Way, American Red Cross, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, to name a few.

      • Master Industry Relevant Learning Experiences that Add Value to Prospective Employers
        Capital marketing students will be challenged to achieve the learning outcomes outlined below in our uniquely designed marketing courses.  These outcomes were developed to ensure that our graduates have the skills employers value.

      • Learning Experiences
        Give Professional Presentations 
        Write Professional Reports 
        Lead Teams and Participate in Group Work 
        Complete a Situational & SWOT Analysis
        Create a Marketing Plan 
        Conduct & Interpret Quantitative Marketing Research 
        Conduct & Interpret Qualitative Marketing Research 
        Develop Request for Proposals (RFP) 
        Earn Digital Marketing Certifications

       Where you’ll go  

      Beginning salaries in marketing usually rank only slightly below those in engineering and chemistry, but are equal to or exceed starting salaries in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, general business and liberal arts.

      The job market welcomes graduates who add value to their organization, especially when they can demonstrate both knowledge and experience in a broad range of industries and organizations. There is strong demand for college graduates majoring in marketing and the career opportunities in the field continue to expand. This is especially true in Columbus, the 15th largest city in the nation and home to major corporations, nonprofit institutions and agencies, and small businesses — many of them just a few miles down the road from campus. But whether you plan to stay in Ohio or move across the country, you will find organizations in need of trained marketing professionals—pros who can help them navigate today’s increasingly competitive landscape. With a Capital degree, your future awaits. Here are some of the companies that employ our marketing graduates:

      • Target, Inc. – Minneapolis, MN
      • Abercrombie and Fitch – Columbus, OH
      • Nationwide Insurance – Columbus, OH
      • Huntington Bank – Columbus, OH
      • Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

      These are some of the career paths you might choose:

      • Brand and Product Management
      • Industrial Marketing
      • New Product Planning and Development
      • International Marketing
      • Promotion Management
      • Logistics Management
      • Marketing Research
      • Merchandising Management
      • Marketing Communications
      • Purchasing
      • Advertising
      • Database Marketing
      • Retailing Management
      • Direct Marketing
      • Personal Selling and Sales Management
      • Marketing Science and Systems Analysis
      • Services Marketing
      • Internet Marketing
      • Public Relations
      • Consumer Affairs


      Your Professors

      Capital’s Marketing professors have the perfect combination of impressive academic credentials (doctoral degrees) and executive experience. This gives students the perfect blend of a deep and well-rounded knowledge base, and experience, in the discipline of marketing. Our marketing professors continue to engage in research and provide consulting services to local and national companies in an effort to maintain and create new relationships with the marketing community.

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    • Statements of Intended Student Learning Outcomes

      Faculty members in Capital’s business program are committed to the belief that the best preparation for a career in business is obtained by combining extensive study in the liberal arts with a major emphasizing the development of quantitative, analytical and human relations skills. In addition to attaining the general education goals of the University, the faculty has established the following learning outcome goals for our business majors:

      Functional Competence:
      • Demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to use concepts and tools from the major areas of business.
      Analytical and Conceptual Skills:
      • Critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to create practical, actionable alternatives in a dynamic and ambiguous business (and broader) context.
      Communication Competence:
      • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills for both formal and informal communication.
      Adaptability and Self-Awareness:
      • Demonstrate an awareness of the global business environment and the ability to respond to, understand and adapt to a diverse range of cultures, interpersonal styles, perceptions, and world views when interacting with others.
      • Demonstrate the ability to adopt the appropriate role on a team.
      • Demonstrate personal awareness and growth.
      Ethical Reasoning:
      • Identify ethical issues and apply a value-based reasoning system to ethical questions in business relationships.
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