Bachelors to Juris Doctorate Law Degree Program | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


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    Your fastest track to Capital Law School

  • Earn your bachelor's and law degrees ahead of your peers through our new accelerated B.A./J.D. program. 

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    How It Works

    Earn your Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Capital University in just 6 years (instead of 7) by:

    • Completing all requirements of your Capital University undergraduate major and signature learning program, and a minimum of 100 undergraduate credit hours (at least 60 undergraduate credits earned in residency at Capital University) in 3 years.
    • Applying and gaining admission to Capital Law School before the end of your third year of undergraduate study.
    • Earning your Bachelor of Arts from Capital University upon successful completion of the first year course requirements at Capital Law, and earning your J.D. in two additional years.

    Those who want a career in law know it's about more than a title, paycheck and an office with a view. It's a calling to improve lives, protect the marginalized and govern the principles and doctrine that shape our neighborhoods and our world. It's not an easy path. It shouldn't be. But we can help you get there faster. 

    Capital's new 3+3 Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor Program is an accelerated joint degree program — the first of its kind in Ohio — that enables you to earn your undergraduate and law degrees in just six years, instead of the seven years required by other Ohio law schools.

    You'll save a year of time and tuition, and you'll gain the knowledge, professional skills, experience and support you'll need to be successful at Capital, in law school and in the legal profession.         

    This is a six-year program that's intense and hands-on. It's also infused with support from your advisor and Capital's extensive student-success resources.  

    In your first three years, you'll work closely with your advisor and take the courses you need to fulfill major and Signature Learning requirements. That includes Signature Learning, which is grounded in the liberal arts, and courses for your major. During your junior year, you'll apply to Capital Law School and, if you're accepted, you'll combine your senior year with your first year of law school. In other words, your first-year law courses satisfy your elective requirements in the B.A., and the first year requirements of your JD. After your first year of Capital Law School, you'll earn your Bachelor of Arts degree. After the third year of Capital Law School, you'll earn your Juris Doctor.

    How You'll Learn 

    The Capital education is challenging, but it's also supportive, which makes it the perfect fit to prepare you for law school and for life after Capital. Thousands of lives have been transformed by the teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms and far beyond them.

    High-Impact Practices
    Learning is an active process here. Professors and students are engaged in high-impact educational practices proven to help students learn effectively. 

    • Our first-year seminar will teach you how to be successful in college. 
    • Our internship opportunities will give you professional experience and establish contacts that will be important after your graduate. Given Capital's location in Columbus, Ohio's capital and the nation's 15th largest city, every student has the opportunity for an internship. 
    • Our law school offers extensive externships, legal clinic work, pro bono service and other experiential learning, along with a nationally recognized bar exam passage program to prepare law graduates for employment. In fact, National Jurist Magazine named Capital to its first honor roll for law schools that deliver practical training. 
    Student Success
    From admission to post-graduation, 
    you'll benefit from our student-centered philosophy throughout your Capital experience. Through career development, academic success, peer tutoring and advising, financial aid and counseling, health and wellness and other resources, we will advocate for your success by partnering with you while you find your place as a learner, professional and citizen.  

    Your student success advocates aren’t just your professors. Every employee at Capital is a student success advocate. It may not be in their job title, but it’s everyone’s goal.  


    Eligible student must meet the following requirements:

    • Be admitted to Capital University. Find out how to apply.
    • Complete a minimum of 100 undergraduate semester hours, 60 credit hours of which must have been earned from Capital University. Transfer credit, credit by examination, and credit recognized through prior learning won’t be counted toward the 60 hour residency requirement at Capital University.
    • Complete all Signature Learning courses, major, and minor requirements. Note that the requirements for some courses of study may exceed 100 credit hours. Explore our online course bulletin.
    • Meet the presumptive requirements for admission to the Capital University Law School.  Find out how to apply.