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Kimberly Heym

Kimberly Heym



  • Biological and Env Science

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Dr. Kim Heym has been teaching at Capital since 1992. As a graduate student at The Ohio State University, she soaked up every teaching opportunity available and discovered her love to teaching while she served as a teaching assistant at OSU's College of Medicine and School of Dentistry.

Though her Ph.D. is in neuroscience, she enjoys teaching introductory biology and anatomy, and physiology at Capital. Her neuroscience background adds quality to her teaching as she continuously brings color and hands-on techniques to her classroom. She engages students with their eyes, hands and ears in everything she teaches, from photosynthesis and mitosis to EKGs and cranial nerves.

Dr. Heym also advises students, sit on university and department committees and conducts research, with particular focus on the role of visual images and color in learning and working memory.

If her passion for teaching didn't keep her in the classroom, Dr. Heym says she would be a park ranger since she enjoys everything to do with the outdoors. When she is away from Capital, she serves as a Boy Scout leader and is active with her church.
Vertebrate Physiology 334
Anatomy and Physiology 232
Sophomore Seminar 200
Foundations of Modern Biology 151
Non-Major''s Biology 100
Bachelor of Science in Physiology, Michigan Sate University
Ph.D. in Neuroscience, The Ohio Sate University

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