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Julie Licata

Julie Licata

Assistant Professor


  • Music

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Julie Licata, percussionist/drummer/noisemaker/collaborator/educator, is most passionate about performing chamber music, free improvisation, and integrating acoustic percussion with audio processing. She also regularly presents solo recitals and performs in orchestras, theater pits, and bands of many genres.

Julie has been performing with flautist Ana Laura González as part of Windstruck Duo since 2018. Together they aim to stretch their instruments’ idiomatic worlds and promote a diverse range of composers. The duo has recently presented at the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors, the College Music Society Southern Regional Conference, and the 10th Annual Flute Festival of Junín, Argentina. They are releasing their first album of flute and percussion music, Reciprocity, in Fall 2022. She also recently released an album, resound/unsound, with co-creators Andris Balins and Brett Masteller, that features percussive improvisations with time lag accumulation, feedback looping, and modular synthesis. In the realm of improvisatory and electronic music, Julie has performed at the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US, the International Computer Music Conference, CHIMEFest in Chicago, IL, and numerous new music venues across the US.

As an educator, Julie strives to cultivate musicians’ creative voices and personal agency through improvisation, self-assessment, and peer feedback. She engages with musicians in a holistic way, weaving in philosophical and emotional discussions about music, and integrating physical elements such as meditation, strength training, and yoga as ways to help musicians foster deeper connections with the self.

Julie is an active participant in the Percussive Arts Society, having served as new literature reviewer for the Percussive Notes journal and as a member of the PAS University Pedagogy Committee and Diversity Alliance. Julie is also a member of the Black Swamp Percussion Educator Network and is the Secretary/Treasurer and recent Interim President of the PAS New York Chapter.

Degrees Earned
University of North Texas, D.M.A. Percussion Performance, with secondary emphasis in Ethnomusicology (2009)
University of South Carolina, M.M. Percussion Performance (2005)
Capital University, B.M. Percussion Performance (2002)
Percussion/Drumset Lessons
Concert Percussion Ensemble
Chamber Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Methods
Orchestra Repertoire Class

“Fluido Con Affetto: The Role of Flow and Emotion in Music Performance" Co-authored with Dr. Michael Faber (SUNY Oneonta psychology faculty), approved for publication in Clio’s Psyche, Spring 2022 Special Issue

“University Percussion Pedagogy: Connecting Course Objectives to Assignments” Co-authored with Dr. Jason Kihle, published in the Percussive Arts Society journal, Percussive Notes, December 2020, Vol. 58, No. 6, pp. 52-54.

“University Percussion Pedagogy: Writing Syllabi” Co-authored with Dr. Jason Kihle, published in the Percussive Arts Society journal, Percussive Notes, February 2020, Vol. 58, No. 1, pp. 40-42.

Multiple new percussion literature/recording reviews published in each volume listed below.
Percussive Notes Vol. 55, No. 3, July 2017
Percussive Notes, Vol 55, No. 2, May 2017
Percussive Notes, Vol. 54, No. 5, November 2016
Percussive Notes, Volume 54, No. 3, July 2016
Percussive Notes, Vol. 54, No. 2, May 2016 Percussive Notes, Volume 54, No. 1. March 2016